Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Da movie!!

Well I am home again after seeing the maze runner!! It was actually really good!! I haven't read the book but apparently it is very different but the movie was really good! I am really tired now though.. Being anxious for such a long time will always make you fee tired as you use up all your energy as your body is trying to stay in the 'fight or flight' mode in case of danger, when really nothing bad is going to happen, honestly you will be fine. But I had fun anyways, as always it is fine when I get there, always is.
Now time to be completely antisocial and lock myself in my room for the rest of the holidays and sleep!! Haha I need a break from being with people, wow that sounds bad but being in busy places with lots of people or people I don't know is one of my triggers of anxiety so I need a break. And I will be seeing lots of people in the second week up in Blenheim at Rs tournament anyway, and I will be going to ballet with my friend on mon,tues and maybe wed just to go through our work and improve just that little bit more for our exams in three weeks!! Ahhh so I will be seeing lots of people so I have three days to be alone!! And I am going to use them!!
Have any of you seen the maze runner? Did you like it?
I hope you have had a lovely day wether it was at school, or in a hospital(it will get better!!xoxox) or at work on on holidays! Whatever it was I hope it was enjoyable!! :)
Have a nice rest f the afternoon!! :)

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