Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Long day

Hhhh school is finally over, didn't have any room changes today but tomorrow I do so I am very confused on where I am meant to be going!! *haha walks into a room full with yr13s doing an exam*  I really do not like the new timetable even though we only have it for the rest of this week and next week, I hate having lunch at 11!! I mean its only 55 min after morning break and today I really wasn't hungry, so i just nibbled on a few crackers but by last period which was PE I was starving!!so I ate as much as I could between classes and after school, and that's how the rest of the week will be as well I think!

All of my friends (wel not all of them only 6) are going on a leadership camp tomorrow, it was picked randomly and it just happened to be all my friends that are going! To be honest I am really glad I am not going or was chosen, haha me away from home for 4 nights and 5 days maybe staying in a cabin full of people I don't know and eating the food there, are no....!!! Not happening I would get way to nervous probably have lots of anxiety attacks and the food well thats not go there. So it will be weird tomorrow when our group of 9 that we sit with will turn into 3... Haha we will just have fun without them!!...

Ahh also freaking out with my static image assement tomorrow, I still haven't got a plan or even a sketch(which I should probably be doing now but you are more important!!) so off to do that now!!! And then off to ballet, my teacher is back after being away for two months so tonigh will be wow ou have really improved or lots of yelling and you have gotten worse?,! And I think it will be the second one... Wish me luck!! :)

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