Saturday, 27 September 2014

After futsul...

Haha nothing really exciting happened, we went out and bad burgers for tea ;) and then we went back to the gym/stadium thing to watch the NZ futsul team play some guys from the brazil team!! That was really cool, and free!! They were soo good and played really well and kicked the ball really hard!! We were sitting on the seats just above the ground in the corner so lots of balled got kicked really hard at us!! I was sooo scared the whole time! Flinching every time the ball came close!! It came flying directly at us twice, the first I ducked and my dad caught it the second time I ducked again but it was coming strait for me, thankfully my dad dived over me and hit it out of the way!! Thank you Daddy!! :)!! If it had hit me n the face in probably would if broke my nose and given me two black eyes!! Or if it hit my arm I would not be surprised if it broke it... So scary!! Sadly NZ lost the game 7-4, we were winning in the first half but lost it in the second, the did this weird and kind of stupid thing where they subbed off the goaly so the had five attackers and that's when brazil scored two more goals... Why I have no idea...
Oh and my brothers tournament, the boys won it, again!! It was a school team and out of the six of them there five of them were city reps so they were already really good, no suprise there, I think most of the other teams had maybe one rep or none, so they did have a advantage, just Rs school is lucky to have quite a few reps in it!
Hmmm does anyone have any ideas for my breakfast tomorrow? Any at all?? I am finding my normal breakfast is getting old (porridge or, my cereal or crêpes  so one of those and I still have to have a fortisip too) so any new ideas?? Gluten free toast is pretty gross and I am jot such a fan of hot breakfasts but I eat anything really so anything new that is nice?? What do you have??

So have a nice sleep!! Good night! :( its daylight saving tomorrow/tonight so I have to lose one hour of sleep!! Not fun!!
Anyway, remember you are beautiful and pretty and amazing!! So stay strong!! Xoxoxo :)

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