Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I am exhuasted!

Ugghh I am so happy just to be getting into bed now!! Why? Because I was already tired from playing touch on a very empty stomach (because of the new timetable) and then off I went to ballet where our teacher was back, haha and was actually okay with us! But she thought our adage (leg lifting. Holding, holding above 90 tephen moving it to the side then back keeping it at same height etc. simplest I could put it) could improve son we spend ages trying to keep my leg above 90, I swear that we must of done that for most of the lesson! Ahh legs like jelly!! Haha and the she decided for us to do our jumps, again really toady!! Oh well good exercise !! (but make sure you ARE allowed to do exercise before you do! There is no point exercising to lose weight think about it do you really want to be stuck in a hospital for the rest of your life or do you want to be out loving your body and enjoying life? Recovery is worth it!!) and then when I got home at 8 I dyed some paper for my static image assement tomorrow, and now my hand are mostly green blue and red, haha!! Next had my shower and ate tea (did have a bid snack before ballet). While I waited for my mum to get off the computer s I could print off my images for tomorrow and that took ages as out printer was being silly and didn't want to print certain fonts and picture so I had to find new ones... And now it is 10:33 and I just got into bed and am pretty much falling asleep writing this!!
:( and I have se my alarm to 6 :( t early for school!!
Anyway have a good night!!! Xoxo xoxo

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