Tuesday, 28 April 2015

America trip last day in San Fran

Hi guys :) I hope you are super well!!!! 
Sorry I know these are dragging on for a while but I'm almost done :) half way haha :) 
Anyways on our last day in San Francisco we stopped at the California Academy of Sciences on our way out as well I love science and I was bugging my parents about going but they ended up really enjoying it too so everyone was happy!! Well except for my poor little brother B who freaked out when a butterfly landed on his head (which was adorably cute :))  but he enjoyed everything else 
In the museum we started off at the aquarium section with all the fishys and they had the cutest wee swimming frogs aww!!! (I bet you can't guess which animal is one of my favourite animals at the end of this haha :)) 

And if you haven't guessed already I have a million photos of all the frogs on my phone :P I just find them sooooo cute!!! 
Anyways these were taken in a big indoor rainforest which was super cool and reallllllyyyyyyyy hot!! The ones I have pictures of were all in tanks but there were lots just hopping around as well there were also birds and lots of butterflies:)

We then looked at the earthquake place and went in the earthquake house which are always hilarious because they are so fake! Before being in a real big earthquake they were pretty cool but now knowing how they feel and how horrible and scared for your life you are being in such a fake one is just amusing :) we also went up onto their living roof 

 Which was soo cool and freezing:) before we had some lunch and started our drive to Monterey!!! Which will be the next one :) 

I hope you are sort of enjoying these If not please tell me :) hope you are well 
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxoxo:) 

Stay strong :) 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Week one of school is done :) and ANZAC day :)

Hiiii guys!!! I hope you are all well!!!! 
Week one out of 11 weeks of term is over!!! And next week I have my French speech :( not looking forward to that :( and today is Anzac Day (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) to remember all the fallen soldiers in the war and today is also the 100th centenary of troops arriving in Gallipoli as well which marks Anzac Day. We are so thankful for all the troops that fought for our country and we will always remember them. 

Anyways this week at school has been pretty cool and fun which I am happy about :) on Tuesday we had our field trip for the extension sciences setting level 2 physics (ahhhhh!!!) if level one isn't going to be hard enough why not skip it and set level 2 instead!! But as we are the only school in yr 11 setting it we got places to visit the university and do experiments and such there. We are doing radioactivity for our physics course so we visited the Rutherfords den there and then studied the display and then got to play I mean carry out experiments on radioactive stuff :) that was super cool we held the $10 000 polonium rods which admitted alpha particles so we were safe unless we ate or licked it :) then we would probably die haha... And at the end as I kind of 'do physics at  university' promotion thing we froze the carrot slices we used to block radiation in one of our things (won't go into detail as it Would bore you :)) with liquid nitrogen and got to pore it over ours hands and then eat the carrot and hold it. My carrot bit froze my hand as I held it in the same spot for too long which hurt a lot but some people put it strait in their mouth and got it stuck to their tongue and were walking around with carrot stuck on their tongue for ten minutes before it defrosted haha that was super funny!!! 

And yesterday for last period for history we went to the airforce museum which was actually really cool but we had barely anytime there so lots of photos of information was taken so I can finish my research for my internal!! 
I haven't visited the museum since school trips when I was tiny years and years ago so it was cool to go back :) not much had changed :)   

How has your week been???
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxo :)

America update San Fransisco part 2

Part 2 :)

Our next couple of days in San Fransisco was spent doing all the touristy stuff like travelling around on the trams ^^ and shopping etc. 
That night we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner these^^ were deep fried macaroni and cheese balls!!! And they were only a starter!! My dad got a plate of them to share as he got told by one of his colleagues that he had to try them so yeah. I was extremely anxious about them as you could imagine Mac and cheese then deep fried in tonnes of oil and butter which shouldn't be a problem as I knew it wouldn't make a difference and all food is good food but still.... Anyways I got away with half a ball and it was actually very good :) I really thought it would taste gross but no it is really good if you like cheese that is :) 
And then of course for dessert we took home some cheesecake mine was the one in the front which got mushed in the car haha and it was banana creme which was soo good :) even if I only managed half a slice. 

The next day on our way out we went to a science museum but I will make anothe post for that as I have lots of cute photos :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxo :) 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

America update part 1 San Francisco

Heeyyy guys!! 
Okay so this will be part 1 :) as I can't find my other posts :) 

This was Alcatraz prison on Alcatraz Island. The boat ride over was very bumpy as the weather wasn't the best the day we went but it was overall apart from freezing it was really interesting and cool. We did the audio-tour when we were up there in the main prison building which was absolutely amazing it definitely  deserved the top audio tour prize it was very well done!! All the history behind the island was amazing from the prison to the Indian occupation it was so good!! Apart from the rainy cold weather :) 
The cells and the state of the prison I would definitely not want to ever be stuck in that place!! Or any prison for that matter haha :) the escape story's were probably my favourite part I found them very exciting. 
The next day we spent some time out on fishermen's  wharf (haha funny story when we were little our family was playing monopoly together and a very little R stated he wanted to buy the wharf but didn't realise how to say it and said it as 'farf' as in Maori which we learnt a bit in school wh is pronounced as a f which was adorably cute and super funny and he refuses to play monopoly now haha!!) anyway I bought a new phone case there which has little paw prints on it and I love it ;) (haha super cat lover :)) and we sat and watched the seals at pier 39 which were pretty damn smelly haha :) but super cute to watch slide around :)   
I also found a Harry Potter chocolate frog!!! The head was slightly melted from my pocket :) I have gotten them before in Australia but I haven't seen them since and being the huge Pot-head I am I was very excited :) 

Right I think I will wrap this post up now as if I do all of San Francisco it will become verrryyy long :)
Lots of love
Livvy xoxo :)

Home at last

Hiiii guys! 
How are you?? 

Ohhh it is soo good to be home again!! Although I do miss my awesome holiday. While I was away I wrote and 'published' a post every day but it turns out only the first two actually posted and I can't find the others anywhere on blogger so if anyone knows where they have disappeared to?? I have know idea  but that's okay I will just write up a big post when I get home from school later today :)
Haha I wish I didn't have school today I am soooo tired!!! I got back yesterday and I definitely still on America time!! This morning I got up at 3am haha and tonight ballet will be from midnight to 2am so that will be fun ;) anyways how did your holidays go?? If you had them then too that is :) 

Lots of love
Livvy xoxo :) 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Day 2 San Francisco

Hello all!!! Today was very tiring!!! But cool I guess we biked 9 miles across the Golden Gate Bridge so my legs are now like jelly haha. There aren't very many things that I would say I dislike but biking especially uphill is definitely something on that list. But it was okay the view was really cool!!! 
So yeah we biked all the way into saucealito (that is definitely spelt wrong  haha) and we had lunch there before catching the ferry back. For lunch we found this really nice little authentic Italian restaurant which also did gluten free pasta so I could actually have it and it was soooo very good !!! Mine had sausage and mushroom tomato cream sauce which is something I have been avoiding for a very long time and I don't know why well I do but shouldn't of its very yummy!! And then it was standing in a huge que for the ferry I mean huge!! The boat can hold 200 bikes and the line filled up two boats before we got on!!! 

Tomorrow I think we are going to Alcatraz dun dun dun!!! Looking forward to it!! 
How are your holidays going?? 
Stay strong 
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxoxo you are perfect!! :)  

Friday, 3 April 2015

First day in San Francisco !!

 Heeyyy guys!! How super excited am I!! 
First day in San Francisco is pretty much over :( but it is super cool that's for sure!! I am pretty tired though...a 16 hour flight with no sleep because the girls sitting next to you were on a school trip and talked nonstop the whole way!! But that's okay 

Today we went to the U.S. Hornet museum which was on a old aircraft carrier which was used in both wars which was cool and we did a tour of the ship, the crew sleeping quarters did not look very nice they were very cramped. Our tour went from the bottom 18th story right up to the top in the lookout thingy which you got a awesome view from!! 

In the afternoon we went shopping!! Haha everything over here is soo cheap!! Even after you convert it to NZ dollars like I got a five dollar tshirt and a ten dollar skirt which is super cute by the way and also another top with an owl on it(of course) and a pretty blue dress so I  am very happy!! 
I got some body spray from bath and body works too :) if you ever get the chance do buy some it was recommend to me so I saw it and went in to have a look and oh my gosh it smells soooo goooodddd!!! I couldn't decide on one so I got 3 well it was buy two get one free :) 
They smell soooo good!!! 

We also went to the super market which was very exciting they have soooo much stuff in them!! And they had a whole row just for cereal!! So much to choose from!! I got cinnamon toast crunch which is amazing!! First time trying it and I love it!! It tastes just like French toast I make at home :) 

We had pizza for lunch which was actually very nice!! I surprised myself!!!
But I am soo tired right now so I will leave it here :) 

How are your holidays going??
Hopefully super well!!
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxo