Friday, 12 September 2014

Nice tea

Well we did end up going out to the mall for tea so that was fun! And today it was soo damn hot, it got to 20 degrees again!! So I got to wear my summer denim dress thing, well it's like dungraees but instead of shorts at the bottom it is a skirt! S that was nice, finally out of many jackets and jeans all the time!! For dinner I has a small plate of half fried rice half noodles with sweet and sour pork, yum! Along with a apple juice, for dessert I did get a cupcake it was called a big daddy (wasn't that big normal cupcake size) which was salted caramel and chocolate. I asked my dad to order it for me as I was too embarrassed to ask for a big daddy so he said yea and it went like this 'hi can I please have a big daddy for my daughter Livvy over here as she is too emabarssed to order one' thanks dad! I went bright red and started to get all anxious again, my dad is one of the nes who doesn't take my anxiety disorder very seriously, he thinks it funny to mess with me and that I can just make it go away just like that, well in reality it's really hard and you definaltly can't just make it go away like that!! Oh well some people will just never understand.
Otherwise my tea was good! :)
Yay tennis starts tomorrow, but it's forecast to rain so hopefully it doesnt get cancelled n the first day! I am so nervous....

Well I hope your dinner went well too!! :)
Have a good night!! Xoxo

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