Thursday, 4 September 2014

The cultural festival

The cultural festival was really cool R did really well, as he lead the haka! There were loads of really talented kids,lots of maori culture, Halas and stuff and then there were irish dancers and Indian dance and lots more! I really enjoyed it, there was one bit that almost made me cry though when sumner school did a tribute to two girls that had been killed and said they are doing it for them. I don't know what happened to the girls but I though I'd say I'm sorry to the girls and their families and friends xoxo. I know this kind of will seem bad and very ED of me but most people there made me feel really good about my body as there were some pretty big kids preforming without tops on, the boys that is and the girls wearing tight tops who really shouldn't etc. so that made me feel good! Although there were quite a few way to skinny and tinny little kids about 5-6 but I am sure I was like that to at 5!! But yeah a really good night and I wish. Could go again but it is Rs last yr at primary  and I am already at high school so I won't be able to go again until B grows up but that's still 10 yrs away before he can do it!!

Goodnight! :) xoxo, I will always be here for you, remember that.

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