Monday, 1 September 2014


Today has not been a great day. I have had the worst cramps in the world all day, I woke up at 4am with them and couldn't get back to sleep so I'm tired too, they were okay by second period but came back at fifth and I still have them now :( Ugghh the ones that are so painful you feel the pain round your back and down you legs and feel sick :( that's me every month. They got so bad that I have had to start taking birth control tablets every month, not that I'm planning to have s*x anytime soon!! I really don't think they make a difference though but apparently they take three months to start working so only one more month to go! Hopefully they do work because it hurts soo much! :(

After school my mum took us for hair cuts, not that I want to cut my hair any shorter so I just got it trimmed and my fringe cut. My two brothers got there's done too, I love watching R have his den because it's always long when we go so when they use the buzzy thing to trim the sides he always gets a bowl cut for about two minutes and it's hairlious! But they then trim the top and it looks fine again! Haha it's great though...

My parents are toughing up on my fortisips they have relised I haven't been having them so now they are super strict in them. I hate them so much though, they taste disgusting and make me gag and because they are so high in calories, protein and heaps of other stuff they always make me feel sick and dizzy and give me headaches after, but apparently that's normal for people who don't eat enough. :(

Anyway we are having fish for tea, yay!! I love fish so much (that doesn't mean you have to like fish as well or eat it, it's your choice, your body!) we buy it from this special place and they put it in an oven bag with your choice of sauce, we normally have Thai sweet chilli but they didn't have that one today so mum got a coconut and spices one and that sounds really nice too, so can't wait to try it!

Now eating my yummy snack before tea, about ten M 'n' M's! Haha,  I love chocolate!! The new raspberry m'n'm's have come out as well and I can't wait to try them too oh and the vanilla milkshake ones! Haha we always get the new flavours in NZ way after them come out over seas, in Australia they have pretzel ones and they are really nice but I haven't been able to find them in NZ, I know they already had the raspberry ones out in Australia at the end of last year when we went but they have only come in NZ now!! Haha oh well...

Yay time for fish and rice, and veges of course!! Yum, it smells really good!!

Have a nice dinner too, or whatever meal you are having now where ever in the world you are! Stay calm and just try to enjoy it, it will he okay! And if it is really greasy or full of butter etc. hey one meal won't make any difference to your weight so Who Cares?! Enjoy it, it will taste great!! Unlessn it is a fortisip... In that case I feel your pain!! Have a good time :)

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