Friday, 5 September 2014

Sorry guys

Sorry guys today has been a really bad post day. The mall was pretty good, I had roast pork with veges and gravy for dinner with this amazing hot chocolate cupcake for desert. Ohhh it was so good it had marshmallows through it and was filled with chocolate sauce with tonnes of pink icing!!  Yum!!
I am feeling anxious at th moment because when I got on the scales after tea (yes am getting on them very day, not meant to...) and it read 47... I know it's a good thing but it feels terrible... Oh well it is probably just water weight and will go away in the morning, well I hope so,  just wasn't expecting it

I am so glad school is over for the week and I have done al my homework so I have the weekend off! Yay! No stress for two days!! Wow yay it's only three weeks until the school holidays! Can't wait, even though I have to watch Rs soccer tournament for a week but it will still be fun I guess!

I am so tired school takes it toll on me. By the end of each week I am so dead! Haha sleep in tomorrow Saturday, and tennis starts next weekend!! Yay can wait!

I think I will be making more banana cupcakes tomorrow, they were soo good!!

Have a good night/ morning / afternoon or whatever it is where you live!! And I will do way more better posts (bad grammar) tomorrow I promise!! Love you! :) xoxo stay strong!

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