Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Sorry guys it has been ages!!!! 
Long story short I have had three major assessments/projects which were all due this morning at 9 am!!! 
This was half of my history project 72 pages of writing!!!! The plus a commemorative booklet as well at another 25 pages!! Few I am so glad they are all over!!! My fingers are sore from so much typing!! Haha 
Also I had our school open night which was super nervous but super fun!!!! 
Today I just finished doing three hours of cardio and tennis so I'm really happy!!! Yay! But it was only 5 degrees so my hands were completely numb and it was super hard to play as I could only move my fingers slowly hhaha!! 
Today I had a really awkward French lesson! We are doing interactions next week so we had a lesson on just practising with our partners and we could sit anywhere so my friend and I sat at the front of the class learning against the wall with the White board on it and half way through the lesson our teacher began talking to the class and talked for the rest of the lesson without realising that we were sitting there and she had already told people off for moving so we didn't want to risk it and we couldn't really get up so she just talked and talked without realising!! Until she stepped backwards and tripped on us haha! But she found it funny too so it was okay!  
This was afternoon tea I made yesterday for the four of us as my our family friends can over 
I was pretty happy with myself. Well it was easy to make big I ate a bit of all of it so I'm happy!! I made the lollycake yesterday. Do you guys have lollycake overseas?? I heard recently that it was a New Zealand thing which I didn't know! Over here you can pretty much buy it at every cafe so that was a shock! But if you haven't had it you should!!!! It's soooo good!! I will post the recipe up soon probs tomorrow after school!! 
So let me know if you have had it!! 

Lots of love Livvy
Xoxo :) 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Home at last.....after 14 hours away!!

I am sooooo tired!!!! 
Finally I just got home again at 9pm! I left at 7:35 this morning to catch my bus and then went strait from school to tennis at 3:30. We did cardio and a game of singles to 9 in which I got beaten by a 9 year old haha!! But to be fair she has been playing everyday for 3-4 hours since she could hold a racket and I wasn't :) so thet was super tiring!! So 3 hours of that. I think we only stopped because it got so dark that even with the lights we wheeled out on we couldn't see the ball so that was quite exciting. You would try to get to it and then be hit in the face with the ball haha :) 
Next was a Quick dinner in the car before getting changed and strait to ballet!! Which ran late so we didn't finish until 8:45 and now I am here!!! Finally at home waiting for the shower to be free before bed as I am super tired. I have homework to do but I am so exhutsted my hand writing would be unreadable and would make no sense if you could read it so I will find time tomorrow not that I have any!!!
Tomorrow is the same but instead of ballet I am going to be a guide at our schools open evening which I am super nervous about as I normally get anxious around my friends and teachers so random people I have to talk to and answer questions and show around are whole school which is huge it is going to be tough! I will probably get us lost a ms won't know the answer to the questions haha! :) no I'm sure I'll be fine :) I am only doing it because my school concillor and my physocilgist think it will be good for me and help build my confidence which I am sure it will but still I'm super anxious about it!! Damn it when they work together and find out about such events :) which I end up doing! But anyways it will be fine!!!

Stay strong!!
Lots of love 
Livvy xx :) 

Friday, 15 May 2015

A day in New Zealand - photo an hour challenge

Hey guys how are you??? Super well I hope :) :) 
This is my photos a hour challenge so hopefully you get the rough idea of a day in New Zealand high school :) !!! I'm sure it's not different to yours :)

Waking up at 6:30 to get ready for school it's too early in my eyes :P  
Breakfast by 7 (plus a fortisip-supplement) a yougurt,banana and a cup if tea with full milk. Please don't judge what  I eat I am my own person and this is right for me at the moment what is right for you is most likely completely different so eat want is right for you :) 
Then it's time to catch the school bus at 7:40 (haha this isn't really each hour yet :)) 
First up at 8:15 is form time for 15 minutes then first period which I had art!! My fav!! Our class was very full On today as we need it finished for our internal so I didn't manage a picture so you can have one of my 'for fun' drawings instead 

9:30 second period which I had French. I struggle a lot with French this year but today's lesson was alright so that's good! Le futur today !   

10:45 is morning tea and then third period which I had an English assement which is creative writing which I happen to suck at ;) but no I phones allowed at all otherwise we would instantly fail :/ so wasn't going to risk a photo :) 
Anyway next period 4th 11:40 was science which I also love! We should be getting our physics results back soon which I am quietly confident about! Hopes up! Genetics at the moment which is awesome!!! 

And then lunch which is always tough. I am always scared my friends are judging what I eat I know they are not but still. It's hard. Three feijoas, a banana, crackers, cheese, a lamington and pistachios and a supplement later. This will sound terrible but I am still too embarrassed to drink them with my friends so I still drink them in the bathroom so I feel I am the same as everyone else. But hey hopefully I won't have to drink them for mch longer :) only 1kg to go :) !!!!
1:45 Then one period of maths after lunch then home!!!
The weather today was not the best - very cold and wet!! After school I went to the university library for my history project  what you can't see is the rain and 120km hour winds which we have at the moment!!! I was almost blown away and soaked to my bone!! 

Next was to the mall for tea with my family like every Friday night!! 
Pad Thai for dinner yummy!!! 6:30
Then back home and bed to write this!!!! 

So that was a day in New Zealand teenage life!! I hope you enjoyed! What did you do today?? 
I hope it was lovely whatever it was whether it was school work or in hospital whatever I hope you had a good day!! 
Stay strong!!
Lots of love
Livvy xoxo :) 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Stay strong Xx

You are perfect just the way you are, beautiful pretty amazing person don't ever change!!! Xx 
Love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect 
Lots of love 
Livvy xxx :) 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hiiiiiiii happy Mother's Day !!!!

Firstly happy Mother's Day to all you mums out there!!! Xx 
Wow it has been ages!! And I still need to finish my America posts haha... I will get there eventually.... Well what has happened in the last week?? I have been super stressed and busy that's for sure! I have had three internals in the last week French speech (which I got an achieved on which sucks as it was my first ever achieved I have always got higher and everyone in my class thinks it was unfairly marked me included but I still passed I guess so it's okay) my history research one worth 8 credits ahhh!!! That's a lot we need 80 to pass the year and 50 in excellence to get endorsed which I reaallllllyyyyy want!!! So 8 excellence would be great! (Rhymes :)) and my science physics one which I was super nervous about because our class was setting level 2 (a year above what we are in now) because I am in extension class but I think it went pretty well hopefully get our marks back this week!!! 

I have also started winter intense training for tennis with the top junior players of my club which is a bit scary as they hit the ball really hard and fast but I can return it. It's just I can't place the ball like Normal at the moment it's just get to the ball and get it over the net haha :) but the trainig is mostly fitness and cardio tennis (not as fun as it sounds :)) but I am really enjoying it!! Lots of exercise which makes me feel better about myself I feel I am  improving and getting fitter and healthier but I am struggling to eat enough with extra exercise. Like on Sunday I did 3 1/2  hours of intense training and running etc. but as I do exercise I completely lose my appetite and just feel sick when it comes to eating and drinking (but I am managing to drink as otherwise I would get very dehydrated quickly) but eating is really hard. We have breaks in which we are expected to eat and drink a certain emount otherwise we can't continue as it is bad for our bodies and we would probably collapse or something if we didn't because it is hard training as its winter over here!!! Everyone else just sits down and eats but I am struggling a lot. If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated!! I think it is good our coach makes us eat and drink and won't let us continue if we don't as he is looking out for us and making sure we take care of our bodies and not lose weight as that is not what we want because that would stop us gaining strength and muscle!!! So I am thankful for that!! It is hard though and I do try and eat more but it's tough but I won't do it if I don't, if I feel it's too much I will stop.  But it super exciting as I haven't been allowed to do this in sooo long and I really have wanted to, good things are worth waiting for!!!! So I am doing it twice a week two to three hours  on Sunday morning and two after school on Tuesday so yay!!!!! Being trusted again is nice!!! And they trust me more that I admit it is hard to eat and want help rather than being happy about it so that's awesome!!! Yay!!!! My legs were soo dead after my first session!!! Haha I could barely walk!!! :) and getting out of bed the  next day was almost impossible:P my parents thought it was funny :p but I am almost use to it now :) 

So not ready for another week of school:( but that's life !! 
How are you?? 
Lots of love Livvy xoxoxo:)