Friday, 12 September 2014

Good morning!!

Good morning guys! Haha even though I am still in bed ;) I can't be bothered to get up quite yet :P  even though I have tennis coaching today,  horay finally summer, and it's not raining yet, soot will still be on!! Haha we still don't know what time it is on because there was a email problem so no one received the times! But last year it was at 10:30 so I can stay in bed for another hour!! Untill 9:30 anyway.
Haha jinxed myself my cat just came and jumped on me and he is soaking wet and has muddy paws... Thanks Byron on my white bed cover!!! S it is raining but dad said tennis isn't until 11:30 so it might of stopped by then fingers crossed!! Pleaseeee.... I don't now what I will wear if it is on because I my tennis gear consists of shorts and a tshirt... Haha too cold for shorts and at the moment I only own tennis shorts denim shorts and jeans... So shorts, easy to play in or jeans, warm but hard to lay in?? I don't know...
Later on R had his soccer prize giving and I always go because its nice to see him if he's gets a award and they always have free sausage sizzles and fizzy! Haha!!
Anyways I should probably get up... I am sort of anxious of tennis, like what if I have a panick attack or injury myself?! Oh well that's just GAD speaking. And it might not even be on, so I shouldn't worry.
And now I have to decide what to have for breakfast, too many decions!!

Haha well I hope you have an awesome saturday! (well it will probably still be Friday as we are the closest country (sure there are islands closer...) to the time line!!) so have a nice Friday...?! Xoxo :)

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