Sunday, 14 September 2014

:( ...

Well as today wasn't bad enough with my fricken gad deciding to be horrible so I felt sick and shaky all day, and lots of bragging about camp and just things in general going wrong, my friend had english last and forgot her pencils and stuff and she had static image assement so I lent her my pencil case and she was meant to give it back to me after school as I has PE last and didn't need it so  I waited for ages for her and texted her and she wouldn't reply for ages so. Just waited thinking she would come but then she replied saying she got let out early so she left!! Thanks for telling me! I missed my bus and had to walk home, and I was meant to go out with my mum after school but because I was late she left without me too and won't be back until 5 so I am now waiting outside my house as I don't have a key and she is still 2 hours away!! And I am going to get yelled at by my deitian for walking home more than twice a week because it is too much exercise, and I don't want to be out in a ED ward!! For over exercising help!!
And now I feel really depressed again more than I did this morning, haha crying on my doorstep looks attractive doesn't it!!

Hope your day was tonnes better than mine :)

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