Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Good night

Good night guys,  hope your day went well and things are improving for you!
I am so tired ans just feel sick, its horrible, my bet is it is anxiety but uuhh I can't tell! I wish I could just live a normal teenage life with no anxiety, no ED and no depression!! I wish... But it s getting better slowly, I mean I don't get so nervous about school that I throw up each morning! And I can actually eat something at school now!! So I am happy and on the improve too!
I think I am just anxious for volleyball trials and tomorrow in English we are 'discussing' our finished static images as a class and grading them, I hate it s much, no one knows who's is who's so they all feel free to critisize and make bad comments on it, last year all my feedback was super positive and I got top marks so hopefully that gets repeated tomorrow!! Fingers crossed!
Ahhh I hate feeling sick and shaky!!!! And if it is anxiety which it probably is it will be a lot worse in the morning when it comes to actually going to school haha why :( I wish I could just make it go away forever!! And make sure there is no such thing as anxiety and EDs and depression ever again!!
Haha oh well I can't make that happen!

Have a nice sleep :) :) and don't let the bed bugs bite!!
Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!! :)

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