Saturday, 6 September 2014

Q and A part2

8. Favorite animal?
Haha a cat!! But others I really like would include frogs owls lizards meerkats and headgehogs!

9. Fav subject at school?
Science. But also art and textiles (haha if my teacher stopped saying 'do textiles next year!' about 100 times each lesson!)

10. Something in your room you are embarrassed about?
Haha my fifty million teddybears!!

11. Favorite book?
Well how can I choose just one!! Um all the Harry potter books for sure! And the divergent series, Eve by Anna Carey, perfectly reflected by S.C Ransom, Carrie war by Nina Bawden, the flask by Nicky singer and act of faith by Kelly gardiner and heaps more! But those are some of my favs.

12. Favorite movie?
Harry potter!!!

13. What colour is your room?

14.  Favorite sport?
Well ballet if you count that as a sport otherwise volleyball and tennis!

15. Do you have any pets?
Well I use to have a cat called Becca but now I only have some brine shrimp and my brothers cat Byron who is pretty much mine as he loves me so much more!! It's quite funny as he treats me as his owner and will sit on me and sleep on my bed with me at night and when my brother goes to pick him up he just swipes at him!! Haha!!

16. First kiss?
Well I have never had one unless you count my parents or cat!!

17. Which star sign are you?

18. Hair and eye colour?
Blonde and blue!! Haha did you know that blue eyes was a genetic mutation and then grew to be somewhat normal? Everyone use to have brown eyes! I think that's cool, I am a mutant offspring!! (well if I lived ages ago when it was!)

19. Something you are looking forward to?
A heathy weight and mind! And going to Blenheim for R soccer tournament in a few weeks!

20. Something you want?
Um nothing really, I would like a laptop as I need one for school next year as it is becoming byod and then I would be able to write my blog and post pictures whenever I like! And not have to wait hours and sometimes days for the computer !! Otherwise nothing at the moment!

Haha cool that's all, if there is anything else you want to know about me just comment or email me!!
Have a nice day!!

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