Friday, 26 September 2014

Good afternoon!!

I hope you had a good morning!!

Haha mine was pretty busy!! We drove out to sumner which is just out of chch for Rs football training we were only out there for about 30min before we had to drive back all the way into town for my tennis!! Which was really fun!! And after tennis it was time for lunch and now we are about to go out for Rs futsul tournament!! Haha lucky it is just a one day thing!! But because it doesn't finish until 6 we are going to stop and get burgers on the way home!!(from the free range place!) yay!!
I was going to make some merangues for desert but I won't have time so maybe tomorrow!!
And I also organized to go out to the movies with my friends on Wednesday so that will be fun!! We are going to see the maze runner!
It will be good and we can buy tonnes of junk food ;) haha!! One thing that keeps triggering me at the moment is that one of my friends as decided to go sugar free for two months! Like we will offer her a chip or even dried banana or at the class pizza lunch and she just won't eat it, and it almost makes me feel guilty for eating things with sugar in them all over again, and. Am NOT falling back into that hole!! So when we get the food she won't get anything and just eat an apple instead... (haha not going to do that!! It's not healthy!!) she won't even try this amazing drink we recently found its called bubble tea, except the bubbles and kinda slimy so we just have bubble tea without bubbles!! Haha the people always think we ae weird!! So it s going to be hard for me bt I think I can cope, even if she refuses to eat it... I still will!! :)....
But I think the day will be fun hopefully... Haha I always get anxious going out without my parents, I don't know why it just gets triggered. Oh and I just had a thought my friend M has never had SoYo (self serve frozen yogurt) so we were all going to take her and S won't eat it!! Umm it is going to be harder for me to cope than I thought, but I will be okay I hope! (haha you can so tell when I am anxious about something, I find i keep going on about it!! :) sorry!)

Well I have to go out again now to futsul so I hope the rest of your day goes well!! Good luck you can do it I believe in you!! :) :) xoxo Stay strong!

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