Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Normal school day again. I did my screen print in textiles today so that was cool, I will post a pic when the computer is free, it is a dark pink colour thought, I wanted it to be either black red or maybe green bu the 'popular group wanted pink so that's what we got because we could only do one colour with the screen because it takes too long to wash and dry to change colours. But I think mine looks really good! I am going to try and cut out another pattern at home so I can do another one on Mon as you can only use your pattern once becaus it is made out of paper and it goes soggy.

On the bus on the way home these also 'popular' bratty girls who are a year younger than me, their first yr of high school decided to bus home as well. I knew them from my old school and they are so bitchy! They are the type who just annoy the hell out of you are do that high pitched fake laugh and scream a lot! Ugghh. And all the way you could here them talking like you know like this like totally all the like time! And they were saying oh that's get of at the mall and go to our old school and show off that we are so cool and at high school and yeah, oh that's go into subway and get free drinks with our cando cards because I forgot my money (haha good luck you can only get free drinks if you buy a six inch sub and cookie with your cando card!) And all the way hom they pressed the flipping button at every stop! Even though they weren't getting off, so we had to stop at every stop! Grrr. And they were going on about how bussing is so gross and everyone should feel sorry for them having to take the bus and they d it everyday. Hello, I take the bus to and from school everyday and this is the first time ever you had bussed! Wow they annoy me!!!

Well I am home now eating my carrot with probably three times the normal amount of hummus with it... Oh well hummus is amazing!! If you haven't tried Lisa's original lemon and garlic hummus, you havent lived!! It is so good and you would understand me eating half the tub!! Haha and my fanta zero. My parents have this thing where all fizzy drinks must be sugar and caffeine free! Did you know you can buy sugar free caffeine free diet coke?! And sugar free fanta, LP (the best NZ drink!) and lift?! It's so weird! Oh well healthy I guess?!

Tonight I am going to the cultural festival to watch my brother preform, he is leading the schools haka, so that's pretty cool, when I was yr 8 we didn't do kapa haka at the festival but I did do Korean dance (which was fun because it was like ballet but you flexed your feet not pointed and didn't have to turn your feet out and you got to use fans and these sleeves things!) being in the festival is a big honor as not very many people get invited and if they did it was only for one performance not all four, which I got to do! It was great because when we did one of the two matinees and yes is was the one with our prime minister watching our music stopped and we just kept dancing with our music going da da da da da da over and over and over, it was so funny and well very scary at the time thankfully the presenters helped us out! But it don't happen in the other three performances so that's good! And the best thing was doing danc eat our old school was considered weird and you had to do it at lunches so it was only my 6 best friends doing it to! And we missed out of school!! Haha yay (sorry flash back..)
So that will be cool tonight! Can't wait (and to see my brother in a grass skirt!! Haha!!). For now time to finish my hummus, ran out if carrot... And do my science homework and work on my design for textiles!!

Have a good afternoon!! Hope the day went well!

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