Sunday, 28 September 2014


I hope you guys are all well!! :)
Ugghh I just feel terrible I have a really bad headache and my throat is so sore that everytime I try to eat it hurts so badly that I just feel lie throwing up and I have eaten like nothing today and my mum is getting angry with me because I am not eating and I am soo scared she will call the hospital again,  don't want to go back!! Help!! And all mixed in as well I got my period today and it always gives me really bad cramps and nausea, so I feel like crap. I wishi was like most of the population who's periods don't even hurt them one bit, but nope I am the one who ends up gettin no sleep at all and crying curled up in bed. I thought the pill was meant to help!! But it hasn't made a difference!  I feel so stupid being on the pill, what of my friends found out? What would they think, that I'm trying to stop myself getting pregnant!! There is no way I am having sex anytime soon!  Haven't even had my first boyfriend! Not even a silly, kinda fake one!
And I have my check up with my GP for my weight tomorrow too and I am so anxious, seriously, I know I have gone done in weight this week as the last week of school was very stressful and when I am stressed I get anxious and when I am anxious I don't eat at school.. Plus eating little to nothing today as I feel crap, I weighed myself just now and it said 45.5... That is sooo bad!! And with my clothes on too!! I am going to get told off sooo badly tomorrow!! :( I wen from .5kg off my goals ego to 4.5 since my last visit :( what should I do???! Help!!
And also tomorrow I am going to have to have that blood test I was meant to have last week! (how did I get out of it? Thankfully the bus was reaallyy late so by the time we got there the clinic was closed ;) ) but I am not getting out of it tomorrow and I am so anxious!! I feel sick and I am shaking! Help... My number one fear apart from losing my family is blood. It makes me sick. We were watching a video about what happened in a heart attack in science, even though the blood cells were annaimated I got so anxious and felt ill I was sent home from school... Haha... And last three times I have had a blood test I fainted and threw up so I am fricken nervous!! Help!! Please...
Ahhh I am so anxious help!! Please!! :(

I hope your day went well, or at least better than mine!!

And now I only have dinner to get through, wish me luck! :(

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