Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dinner, help....

Well as I had to tell my mum what had happened she found out that I walked home and wasn't happy with me so we it came to dinner see gave me a massive portion! Seriously it was huge for me, it probably wasn't quite normal size as mums was still bigger but for me it was almost double what she normally gives me!! Haha so now I am super full and bloated! That's going to be good it a leotard in just under 40min ;) haha still going, I love ballet! It just makes me soo happy, and makes me feel actually pretty and beautiful for once in my life! The time where I love my body, amazed on what I can make it do and how nice I can look. And to know that everyone in my class in super amazing and supportive, they all know about my anxiety and help me (not sure I want to tell them about my ED though, but they would understand!) and one other girl had depression last year, really badly and cut herself a lot, she tried to hide it but when you are only wearing a leotard and see throughish tights you can't hide anything,but we didn't care we made her smile, and she said that we helped her a lot,no one judged her and haha we lyed about her cuts when the teacher asked and if hey all 12 of us agreed on one story the teacher had to believe it! And now she is happy and recover and is now my besty!
So yay ballet tonight! Well in 30min probably should get changed and put my hair in a bun!!

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