Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Good morninggg!! :)

Haha slept in to 9:00 this morning but I guess thats okay as we have absolutely nothing planned for today!! Haha nothing really to write about!! My life can be soo boring!! Breakfast consisted  of a amazing awesome, wait for it... Fortisip!! Yaaayy!! Not. :( Ugghh they are just soo gross!! After I went on a 30min walk with my mum which was a bit awkward as we didnt talk much or if I tryed to they were all very short conversations...
Later on I think I am going to make these little baked oat cupcake things so I can have them for breakfast, hopefully they are nice!  I just have to be bothered to walk all the way to the supermarket so I can buy so applesauce,.. Is applesauce just puréed apples?? Like the baby food?? Or is it something else?? I am confused!! I hope it is just apple purée because that's what I am buying!! Haha!! Maybe I can purswade R to come with me... The temptation of subway might be enough!! (evil giggle! :) ) haha!! Or maybe a chocolate bar!! ;) easy ways to get brothers to do what you want!!
I would love to put the recipe up after I make them but it is under copyright laws so I can't...:( but I am going to change a lot of the recipe and merge it with this other one too so I will see if I can publish that one for you!! Hopefully I won't get in trouble!! :)

Anyway I hope everything is Amazingly good!! And you are doing great!! I know you can do it!!! You are worth recovery!! And you are strong enough!! Go you!! Xoxox good luck!! :) :)

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