Friday, 5 September 2014

The cupcakes we got for dessert last night...

These are the awesome cupcakes we got last night, they were soo very good!!

All four of them, Aren't they pretty!!
 This was my one, it was a hot chocolate one, it had a chocolate sponge that had marshmallows cooked through it and the middle was filled with chocolate sauce and covered in pink butter creme marshmallows sauce and a chocolate fish!! Best cupcake ever!!
 This is the one R and my dad got, it was a cookie and cream cupcake, I don't know what it was filled with though
 And lastly the one my mum got ( B is too young for cupcakes, poor him...) It was a blueberry cupcake with cream cheese icing!

They had so many more cupcake there and I wish I could of tried them all!!!

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