Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Hiii guys it has come to my last day in Wanaka :( Tomorrow we are driving down to Arrowtown and I love it there sooo much!!

In the last couple of days we have driven down to Cromwell and my Dad and brother when go-carting (I was too scared to haha!!) we have walked up to a winery where my parents did some tasting I was offered but I am terrified of all kinds of drugs even a little after being overdosed at the hospital and I am only 4 years underage!!! So wine umm nooo!! I cant even drink normal coffee!! It has to be decafe!! It really scared the hell out o f me!! yep thats me but i suppose it isnt the worst thing to be scared of!! We have been swimming in the lake and soo much swimming in the motel pool the cholrine has made my skin all dry and horrible!! haha!!

We have also been to puzzling world which was sooo cool!! All illusions and weird rooms!! And we went out for tea and I ate a whole pizza minus 2 slices which I am really happy about even ordering pizza!! Well it was a small-ish pizza but still!!

Happy new years eve!!

Heyy guys!! Happy new years, I hope you  had a lovely year and are looking forward and have a even better 2015!!! I cant believe how fast this year has gone by!! It wasnt the best year ever for me, well it was probably the worst.. but thats okay!! I have a whole new year to look forward to and make the best year yet!!

 This year I spent over two weeks locked away in my room to anxious to come out, I was scared of my family and leaving my 'safe' space, I had noo idea what it was and the doctors said I had a virus and I presumed I was just sick and it would go away soon but it just got worse and worse and eventually I was diagnosed with social anxiety and GAD. I was throwing up every day before school with anxiety and spent first and second period most days with the councilor as I couldnt cope going strait to my classes. I had to see a councilor/ psychologist twice a week to try and get me out of my room and to school. I had run out of health and english when I had to present a powerpoint and explain a long questions answer infront of the class in complete panic and anxiety attack, thankfully I have the most awesome friend and teacher who and just soo amazing and helped me!! And many more bad anxiety and GAD related events which I just dont want to remember. I spent over two weeks in hospital with a kidney infection and not eating and because I was really sick the nurses didnt care I wasnt eating and that was when I reached my lowest weight but because I was soo underweight before I came in as I didnt eat at school or breakfast etc. when i first came in I could barely breathe the gave me a normal dose of morphine for a 14 yr old but I was very underweight as had a massive reaction as I was overdosed on it and it was horrible, I dont remember anything in a time frame of about 2 hours and the stuff I do remember involves bright flashing colours everywhere buzzing and throwing  up. And then my dietitian at the hospital got super mad at me at my weight and my anxiety got to me when it came to putting weight on and it when sooo  downhill from there and fortisips etc. ahh!!

But enough of the bad stuff this year I have got my anxiety disorder under control and even did a 3 min speech infront of the whole class and got 3/4 excellence on it and one merit which is pretty much full marks which I am still super proud of myself as earlier I had run out of that same class when asked a question!! I reached a healthy weight and got back into baking which I use to be terrified of and enjoy it. And best of all I can leave my room and bus 40 min into town by myself to meet my friend at the mall full of people and have lunch there and eat what I want!!!!!!! and I can bus to school and go to class without my mum having to come in at sit with me with the Councillor and can enjoy class and be good at it too!!! So lots of positives too!! And I hope that 2015 can have even more!! YAY!! I am going to go to bed but I think my brother plans to stay up to see it in but I am soo tired and i like my routine and want to stick with it even though I know I will probably be woken up by the fireworks as we are staying in town where they are going to be lit :(  but oh well! :)

I hope you have a great new year full of lots of positive surprises!! good luck!!
Lots of love Livvy
xoxo :)

Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Christmas 2014 :)

Hiii I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and could enjoy it too !!!
I got my laptop that I wanted (and I need one for school next year as well) and this is the first ever post written on it...exciting!! And now I can post pictures anytime I want yay!! I had a great time with all my family and grandparents and they seemed to like all the presents I got for them as well :) and of course the food was delicious and I did eat a lot of it, probably too much ;)
 our table

 hhahah I didnt take a picture fast enough before my family got stuck into the cake :)

 the ham

 simple shortbread, just ask if you want me to post the recipe :)

 Christmas morning after we put all our presents under the tree (well 'Santa' did :))

 Trifle and my chocolate truffles 

And our good Kiwi Pav :) My fav 

How did you spend your Christmas?? I hope it was great!!
Lots of love Livvy xoxo 

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Hiiii guys I hope you had a lovely Christmas!!!
This will just be a quick update as yesterday we got up early and travelled all the way down to Oamaru for the night and today we will be continuing down to Wanaka which will probably take the whole day to get there then we will be staying there for 5 days then down more to Arrowtown for 9 days. We don't have any Internet connection at the moment so. Am sitting outside a cafe hahah!! So I won't have time to upload any photos from Christmas or Oamaru :( so hopefully tonight in Wanaka we will!!
On our way down we stopped at our friends batch on the gorge and that was super fun!! Even though it wasn't the hottest day ever we still went down to the river and it was sooo cold!! When we put our head under you would get a giant brain freeze!! But that didn't stop us :) it was about 4 degrees or colder and it was seriously freezing!! Then we went back and played some badminton and football and then back on the road again.
Well anyway we have to get going again now, so I hope you are all well and had a lovely Christmas!!!
Lots of love Livvy xoxox :)

Monday, 22 December 2014

Only three days to go!!

Wow I am sooo excited :) :) 3 days!!
And I think I am pretty much ready to go :) I spent about 3 hours today wrapping up presents I got every one, it shouldn't of taken that long but me being me it all had to be perfect each with their own little hand made tag and ribbons perfectly curled so yes it took me a while ;) haha!!
Today has also been spent baking yayy!! :) some chocolate truffles and Christmas tree chocolates (well that's what we call them they are just homemade chocolates with nuts and fruit mince mix and cranberries etc. added into them and int my little tree moulds to set :)) and a chocolate cake which kinda turned into a blackforest cake of sorts, with mock cream and cherries inside but it tastes really good!! As we has friends over for afternoon tea :)
Tomorrow I hope to go and see mocking jay as I know I still haven't yet!! If I can find someone to go with that is hopefully R changes his mind and comes with me :)
And some bad news.. My gingerbread house got knocked my one side has completely collapsed :( but we still have half a house that is still standing!! Haha it can now only be viewed from side on!! But on the good side we had some gingerbread to nibble up :)

I hope you are well and have a very lovely and merry christmas!!
Lots of love Livvy
Xoxoxo :)

Saturday, 20 December 2014

5 days till Christmas!!

I can't believe there is only 5 days untill Christmas!!! The year has gone by sooo fast!! A very hard year, with big challenges but also filled with lots of fun and joy! I can't wait until Christmas! But I don't want tit to be over either! I love having decorations up and lovely Christmas baking to eat in the lead up to the big day.

Yesterday we went out for our annual Christmas lunch with our family friends that we do every year to a lovely cafe called the raspberry cafe as you can go out and pick your own raspberries and other berries out the back. Sadly this year the season has been very late so we probably won't have many berries except strawberries for christmas! And there won't be any cherries either :( well there are but they are soooo expensive as the aren't very available about $30-40 for 1kg!! It is all very sad as I love Christmas berries and cherries!! Well anyway for lunch I had a adult size BLT open sandwich which I was super proud of as it was from the adult menu and I ate all of it when normally I struggle eating a kids sized one, I always get weird looks when i Order from the kids menu!! Hahah!! But not this time! And for desert as this place is known for its amazing deserts I had a meringue with strawberries and cream which was very good!

Today was nt very exciting and was spent going to the library in the morning to pick up my series DVD (and books of course!! Only about 10 of them ;))  which I wanted to watch then watching it all afternoon on my bed, well not all afternoon about 1,30 hours and eating my sushi for lunch :)
Then I played some badminton with my brother without a net as we couldn't be bothered to put it up ;) and I can happily say I suck at it! I can barely hit the ball shuttlecock haha I dont think you can call a little feathered thing a ball!?? But it was super fun until I got stung by a bee :( which was not fun at all and hurt a lot! I blame R fr stirring up them from hitting the lavender bushes so many times and making them buzz around hahah!! But t was probably my fault for hitting them in that direction a lot, not n purpose though, hahah I really am terrible at it ;) but it had gone down now which is good as it went all swollen and puffy but it is alright now ;) it just hurts to walk as t is on the bottom of my foot!!

Tomorrow my mum and I are going t make the Christmas fruit cake!! Yay baking!! :) and like always t is my jodpb to ice and decorate it which I am really looking forward t doing :) yay!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Stay strong ;)
Lots of love Livvy xoxo :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Completed Gingerbread house!!

pictures fron the very start to very end all finished and pretty!!

 My friend came over and decorated it with me :) it kind of looks like a church but wasnt meant to, it was meant to be a window hahah!! you just cant really see the curtains!!

And the recipe :) I found it made tonnes of dough and made over 80 other cookies which we have frozen and given away :)

Ingredients :
250g butter softened
1 cup of Brown Sugar
½ cup Golden syrup
½ cup molasses
1 egg plus 1 yolk
5 cups (750g) plain flour
2 tablespoons ground ginger
2 teaspoons mixed spice
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda

Preheat oven to 180°C or 160°C fan forced. Line 4 oven trays with baking paper.
Use an electric beater to beat the butter and brown sugar in a bowl until pale and creamy. Add golden syrup, molasses and egg and yolk and beat until combined. Sift the flour and spices and bicarbonate of soda and mix to a dough. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth.
Roll dough between two sheets of baking paper to 5mm thickness on oven trays. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Cut shapes for house using patterns out of baking paper so the template doesn’t stick to the dough
Remove the top layer of baking paper.
Cut out the dough using the template and place on baking tray

Bake gingerbread door for 8 minutes and larger panels for 10 – 15 minutes or until lightly browned. Allow to cool on oven trays.

When cool assemble using royal icing, i bought mine :)

original recipe is HERE if you would like it, this version I have changed some ingredients and steps to which I have found works better and tastes nicer :) 

Hellooo again :) and the start of my gingerbread house!!

Hi guys I hope you are all well!!
Today I made my gingerbread house!! I have baked it and put it together but t was getting late and my parents wanted the kitchen to prepare dinner so decorating it will be my top priority tomorrow! So we will have pictures tomorrow when it (hopefully) looks really pretty!! Yay I am soo excited! I love decorating things!! Haha just like I did all the Christmas decorating around the house and the tree and made all the cards as well everyone assumes I will do it and of course I do as it is soo fun!!  One of the sides of the house I probably didn't cook long enough so it is a bit soft and with the weight if the roof on it I am seriously hoping t will last the night !! But if it does crack of collapse there is nothing a bit of sticky icing can't fix ;) ;) haha how many times has icing saved me?!?
The recipe I used tastes really nice and s much better than my one last year that made me cook it twice and chill in between bakings and oh it was such a strange recipe! But this one was sper easy and tastes really good! I will post the recipe tomorrow with the pictures if anyone would like to try it out and we can have matching gingerbread houses!! Haha but it made tonnes of dough so as well as the house I have 82 gingerbread biscuits as well so if anyone would like me to send them some biscuits we are trying to get rid of some hahah!! Already given some off to Rs teachers and my old ones from primary as it was his last day at primary today!! Aww he will be a big teenager next year and at high school with me Ahhh!! My two years of freedom frm him at school are over ;)  naa just kidding I love him sooo much ;) and some have gone into the freezer and we still have 82 left!? And yes I did count all of them ;) hahah!!
Finger crossed it will last the night :) xx

Merry Christmas from nz
Lots of love Livvy xoxox

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Weight gain or in my case loss :(

Well I am pretty disappointed with myself. I thought I was doing soo well, but it turns out I really haven't. As our scales have been broken for almost a month now, as I w using them about three plus times a day, oops... I haven't been able to see how much I weight for a month!! And I was happy as I was at my goal weight of 50 a month ago but now I have dropped 4kg!! I don't get it! :(  it was on different scales but still 4kg is a big difference. I have been eating well and the only difference is that i haven't had to have my fortisips anymore as my GP said I didn't have to any more once I reached my goal weight. I am soo worried as I weighed myself at home, bringing out the dusty old wii haha!! And I am so scared when I have to dee my GP as my weigh in before Christmas and I will have lost 4kg and she will be soo mad at me and I will be put back on the disgusting fortisips and Ahhh!!!  I don't know what to do?! How do you put on 4 kg in a week and a half??!!  And I hate it as I haven't been restricting at all and I have been eating well with little to no guilty thoughts and I didn't even relise!! I am scared that I will be put back in hospital and made to see my councillor again. Which I don't want as I am tring so so hard and I am not doing it on purpose but I know it seems like it and no one will believe me. I just don't get it, I have been eating really well and lots of chocolate ;) not that eating it instantly makes you gain widget but you know, I can eat it again now! I have only one fear food left which is pastry like the French choclate ones and custard etc. and I have worked so hard and  *sigh* I don't see how it happened. Obiviosly my fault. But I am pretty sure I am doing everything right. But it looks not. So hopefully if I just stuff myself over the next week I can get back up to 50 again for my weigh in. My mum is/has been super angry at me well 'disappinted' with me and isn't letting me make any choices with food at the moment. Which is bad enough I don't want my GP and dietian getting involved again. Help! How do you regain 4kg that you didnt purposel lose in a week??!

I hope that you weight progress isn't as distressing as mine :) has anyone else somehow managed to do what I have and lose quite a bit without trying?? I think I just need to increase my meal sizes again but I thought I was doing well, oh well I think I will start to have fortisips again as I have some at home still well just until I put that weight back on as I didn't mean to lose it!! :)
Stay strong you can do it ;)
Lots of love Livvy xoxo

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Day 6 and 7

Hii all!! I know these are late but better late than never! I didn't have time as my grandfather had a stroke and is paralyzed down one side and  so yeah I am pretty upset but hopefully he makes a full recovery. <3 love ya xoxox!

Okay so here I go! Day six:

Five good memories

1. Doing my speech infront of the class without panicking or crying at all!! It wasn't such a fantastic moment at the time as I was so anxious and shaking but now I can happily look back and be super proud of myself!
2. Spending time in the Christmas holidays at our friends batch on the waihi gorge, it is soo beautiful there! We spend a few nights there every year on our way down to arrowtown and it is so fun to be sleeping squished up in a tent hearing allthe possums and the river rushing in the background!  And in the day swimming in the freezing river as it is the only sorce of running water hahah but it is fun having compitions on howling you can stay in! And just playing cricket and football as the sun sets with all there family friends and cousins then having a BBQ for tea and roasting marshmallows over the open fire and the retiring inside to p,au up and down the river (card game)
3. Swimming in the now called 'lizard' pool down in wanaka last year with my friend who was staying with us for a couple of weeks. Why do we now call it the lizard pool? Good question... As we were swimming in it we spotted a dead lizard I the bottom of the pool so of corse my brother and my friend had to pick it up and start playing with it, which was kinda gross in my opinion but then my friend felt sorry for it so they started doing chest palpations to try and revive it but R pressed too hard and all it's guts came out its mouth and all through the pool haha!! It was disgusting but super funny too!!
4. Last week of primary school (yr 8) as we had what we called a 'star week' where everyday on our last full week of school we went somewhere, we went swimming,ice skating, adrenaline forest like a ropes thing 20 meters in the sky really fun though, to the maze, and a youth center where we did crafts and rockclimbing! And on that week we also have our leavers dinner and gala night which was super cool!
5. And lastly it would have to be my little brother B being born and going to see him in the hospital all wrapped up in blankets! He was sooo cute! And wrinkly haha!!

And day 7:

Five things you are looking forward to

1. Christmas!!! And seeing all my grandparents and having the massive ham and all the deserts for lunch and tea! Even though it also sounds very very daunting at the same time but I am just going to eat as much as I can on the big day! It is my goal to. And of course I want to see my family reactions to e presents I give them! I hope they like them! And getting my very first laptop! :) as I need one for school next year as they are starting byod subjects and for design in art, but I am soo excited :)
2. Spending time at our friends gorge as I love it there!
3. Staying in arrowtown and doing all the lovely walks and activities there and in queenstown which is about a 30min drive away where you can go zip lining and luging and swimming in the lake and bungy jumping but I do not plan to do that!
4. Starting yr 11 at school!! Ahhh only 3 more years to go! The. I have nooo idea what I am going to do with my life, uni for sure but I don't know what I want to study!! But it is also the big year with a big leap with exams that actually count for something other than getting a good grade at the end of the year! And seeing all my friends again and buying stationary!! Don't ask but buying stationary and decorating all my books is something I love!
5. Our bid trip to America!! In the Easter break!M I am sooo excited!! And disney land etc.!! I have been once before but I was 4 and don't really remember any of it so I am super excited!!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Day five

Five of you goals:

1. To be able to go anywhere without freaking out and thinking the worst is gong to happen, and just freeing myself of anxietys firm grip. NO anxiety at all with anything I do!!
2. To be able to eat whatever I want when I want and not t think that it is bad and i shouldn't eat this or thnk all of the 'bad' stuff the product contains and without anxiety or guilty ness
3. To strenghten my immune system back to what it use to be, as I have made it very weak and damaged and I am sick of being sick all the time. There is really not a day where I don't have headaches or a cold etc.  Would love to build it strength back and not to be seen as the girl that is barely at school and is always sick
4. To make it into m school senior volleyball team as there are few spaces and I will be trialling against people 3-4 years older than me, and. Love volleyball and t would be great to get in!! And this time I am NOT going to be a anxious that I have a massive anxiety attack as miss trials! My goal not to!
5. To pass all my NCEA exams as I will be sitting level one next year!! Ahhhh!! The point when all your school work and marks count to getting a good university and job!! I just want t pass them all with good high marks especially maths!! Hahah I got into Cambridge maths course as well which is great as it is recognized world wide but it s apparently very hard and I really want to pass that!! And my French A1 exam which is also a worldwide recognized exam so they both have very high standars!! So my goal is to pass all my exams with good marks!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Day four

Day four, 5 things you like about yourself appearance wise:

1. My long blonde hair, I love it being long as it use to be in a short bob below my ears since I was born to two years ago from when I have been growing it. I love it being longer as being able to do things with it like putting in a ponytail and French and Dutch braiding it as it never use to be long enough to do that. I also love it being blonde I don't know why i just do, but it is also one of the not as common hair colours in nz as black and brown are very common so I guess it is kind of unique but lots of people still do have blonde hair just not as many as the ther colours in nz. And I love it being softer and fuller as I am at a healthy weight as it use to get very greasy and dry and frizzy all the time but that has all changed :)
2. My nails, as I can finally grow them past the top of my fingers without them snapping off!! Yay my nailss are nice ans strong and I can now get then to a perfect length were I can shape them and make them all pretty by spending ages doing nail art as I love doing it :)
3. Um and now it gets really hard... My feet I guess, they let me do the things I love and are nice and strong and thankfully naturally very flexible which helps a lot in ballet!! I can almost get them to touch the ground while pointing them!! Even though they are not the prettiest feet ever, well actually they are pretty gross haha!! Covered in blisters are scars from my point shoes and my nails ae constantly bruised and and my toes kind of angle in from wearing my points so often!  Haha bt that's okay because I love them and what they are capable of doing!
4. My blue eyes, as they are just a nice colour. Haha I don't know I just like them and are not too npbig and not too small just the perfect size
5. Annnddd Ahhh this is sooo hard!! Let's go with with my cute freckles that make an appearance in summer :)

I found this sooo hard, which is a bit sad in a way as t shouldn't be but it is. That s something I should work on I guess loving every single little centimeter of my body!
How did you go did you find doing this hard as well??

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Day 3

5 things you want to get better at;

1. Public speaking, I hate HATE having to speak infront of people, speeches are the absolute worst time of the year. I always end up freaking out and panicking and then anxiety hits me so hard I almost always end up in tears. Earlier this year  had to present a PowerPoint which we had done in pairs to the class, this was when my anxiety was at its worst, and I said about a sentence before I ran out of class in tears with a full blown anxiety attack and um yeah that wasn't fun at all, thankfully my teacher is super super nice and just came and comforted me :) but I did manage to do my whole speech this year and get excellence on three out of four areas and merit on the other so I am soo happy about that!! Bt I would really love to be better at that and be ale to speak nfront of people without freakingvout and having panic attacks :) a dream I hope to get to someda :)
2. Singing ;) haha it would be awesome t be able sing and actually well ;)
3. Going out and buying my own lunch, at the moment anxiety still has its massive grip on me so having to speak at the counter and order food and without any negative thoughs too that s something I would really like to get better at.
4. Self esteem, and having good positive thoughts about myself and my body
5. Getting rid of negative thoughts, thinking the worst is going to happen in all situations and changing them into nice positive thoughts that everything will be okay. I need to get better at this as it just makes leaving the hose a giant struggle each morning as I am always thinking something bad is going to happen like I will get hit by a car at the crossing or my bus will crash or I wil be late and have t walk into class while it is silent and get told off or I will get attacked or embarrassed about something etc. even though I know it won't happen but it still always pops into my mind.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

No more school!!!

YAYYYY today was the last day of school for the year!!!! I am soooo happy!!!! I don't have to wear this over sized uniform for another 7 weeks!!! yayyy!!! And please don't laugh at the size of my jacket it is the smallest size there is!! Why do I have to be so short!! It is so long as well as wide!!!

And my horribly messy room!! Ignore all the stuff on my mirror I put it on when I will little and well I havent got round to taking it all off, haha!!

 But yayayy no more school!!!

We had prize giving today and I got top of class for science and merit over all in school work and only 3-4 people in each class get that so I am happy!! :)

I hope you are all well!! When do you finish school for the year??

Antarctic center

Yesterday as a school trip we went to the Antarctic center which was very fun and anxiety triggering at the same time!! But mainly super fun!!!

 As you can tell the little penguins were my favorite!!! 
They are soo adorable!! 

And this is the snow and ice room where you can go in and play in the snow then experience a snow storm where it gets to minus 18 degrees!! and trust me in a short skirt that was not fun!!! The boys were lucky as they can wear long pants if they want so most of them did but girls have to wear the skirts and our legs were sooo numb afterwards it wasnt funny!!! we could barely walk!!! Hahahah
But the slide was fun!!!

Day two

Five things you are good at:

1. Science ;) and schoolwork, really not a sports person hahaha I love it but I have no coordination what so ever especially when it comes to ball sports ;)
2. Dance, ballet although I would love to be better than I am now
3. Art, drawing and painting. Hahaha if you exclude drawing people ;) !!
4. Listening, perks of being shy and quiet :) you become a good listener that all your friends can come to :)
And 5. Giving compliments :) I love giving compliments to others as it makes them feel good as well as making me feel great about making someone happy!! If only it was as easy to except them back, it is strange being so easy to give out a compliment but is so hard actually believe and except what the other person is saying and not think oh they are lying, they are just trying to be nice back when really my hair looks terrible today etc. but I think I am good and love giving them out :) once I manage to actually speak through all the anxiety and panic I have rushing through me having to talk to someone else even if they are a close friend I know I can trust, it is hard but I will get through it !! :)

What do you think?? What are you good at?? Heaps of stuff I am sure!!
Have a nice day, stay strong, lots of love

Monday, 8 December 2014

Positive challenge :)

An amazing girl named Izzy made up this challenge on her blog she has so I thought I might join in. Izzy is a life saver and has helped me sooo much :) so if you are reading this thank you!! :) her blog is if anyone would like :) it is a amazing blog!! Thank you so so so much Izzy!!  If you haven't already I recommend reading it!! It is a fantasic help :) and run by a amazing inspirational person!! :) I think it is a great idea!!! And should should do it along with me and Izzy :) Just to increase happiness in life ;) Hahaha!! :) no really I do think it is a awesome challenge :)

So day one :
Five things you like about yourself (not appearance)

1. My ability to make and keep the most amazing and supportive friends a girl could ever have :) even if they won't stop teasing me about being too innocent ;) There is nothing wrong with being innocent is there??!! Haha :)
2. My flexibility, which helps a lot in ballet!
3. Being good at science and getting top of class in science and top year 10 combined with 7-8 other students out of the 550 which are in my year at school
4. My improvement with my anxiety and being able to go to school in the morning without having to spent first and second period with the counsellor or throwing up with nerves and I can even manage it without a single tear or breakdown :) yayyy!! I am so proud of myself :) :)
5. Being able to draw and paint as I love it soo much, and it helps to be okay/good at something you love :)

Wow that was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be!! It is so easy to look down badly at yourself and think you are useless but really when you think hard about it you are perfect and have a lot of good things happening and about you! And I am glad it made me relise that :)
But remember you are perfect no matter what!! And you will always be loved and that amazing fantasic person that you are!!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Byron the Xmas cat ;)

My cat Byron decided he would play with the Christmas beads after he pulled them off the tree!!!

And the same happened to the tinsel...


Today has been a nice day we went out and bought some Christmas decorations and set up the tree, and we also went out for tea at a restaurant which was Thai and that was yummy and I also had tennis this morning!! even though I lost...haha!

My desert which I am proud to say I ate all of it!!! :)
My parents were proud too so that made me happy!!!
It was nice I haven't had cookies and cream icecream in soo long!!