Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Good morning all!, :)

Good morning!!! I hope your day has started well!! :)
I am totally running on adrenaline right now!! I a, freaking out sooo much!! Even though I don't have to leave fr another hour.
My throat is still killing me and combined with mr anxiety the Onlything I have managed to eat (well drink) is a fortisip and a big cup f tea... Not good I know. I feel really bad about it, but at the same time I am too scared to eat something I case it comes up again because that's what happens when I get like this. Soo nervous. I know it is just with my friends and my brother but still.. There are lots of people at the mall and lots of things that can go wrong... But know they are just thoughts and not going to happen but I am still learning how to ignore them and it is hard.
Haha I know this sounds stupid as I bus every morning and home from school but I am kinds scared about the bussing part... I mean I haven't caught this bus before, and what if it is the wrong one?? We could end up on the other side of town!! Or even worse, what if the evil bus driver drives this bus!?! Haha now I am being paranoid!! Just smile and stay calm!!

But this morning after i got up I painted my nails for when I go out. They are now painted like tiny little owls and the are soooo cute! O.O haha if your on pottermore you will no what O.O means!!
(it is just the symbol for an owl and good luck!! And if you do something good or nice people will comment with O.O its got lots of meanings i guess...) Harry potter is my life!!  I love owls!! (and cats!)  and I am really happy on how they turned out!! I think my friends will be quite surprised though as to them I'm pretty much a Tom boy... But inside I am still a pink loving girly girl!! Only because I love climbing anything and bugs are super cool!! (haha they haven't seen me in front of a spider yet!!) one of my friends is terrified of ants!! And another of butterflys and bees!! Haha I think they are just cute and pick them up which is kinda why they have started to call me a Tom boy... And I hate dresses, Ahhh no. But I don't think I am but to them if they compare me to themselves well then I guess... Haha soo off topic now!! :)

And now there is only 30min before I have to leave... Ahhh!!

I hope your day goes well!!! Xoxo :)!!

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