Saturday, 6 September 2014

About me Q and A!

Well you guys don't really know who I am very well, well you do but not personal stuff like my fav colours and stuff like that and I found this questionaire so I thought I would do it for you!

1. What is my middle name?
Mary, I dont really know if I like it or not it's just kind of there if you know what I mean, I don't love it but don't hate it either I suppose I like it though, it was my great grandmothers name so that's pretty cool.

2. What s your favorite colour ?
Well it changes quite a bit between pink and yellow (haha girly or what?!) so probably them. I love he colours but wouldn't go paint my room either of them!! And that I hate changes to my normal s if my room did change colour I would kinda just panic and hate it so it's staying light purple forever!!

3. Things you love about your body?
Hair (well sometimes it annoys the hell out of me...), my blue eyes, my fingernails as I have enough protein and other minerals in my body to actually grow them long!! And my freckles, especially in summer when you can see them better!! Haha don't laugh I just love my freckles!!

4. Things you don't like about your body?
Well I am still getting use to the ever growing size of it, but I know that I am not fat I am just getting to a healthy weight it is just weird because I am so use to it being so skinny... And my legs because they do not touch and I want them to so badly! I have never been able t get my knees, thighs or ankles touching and it annoys me so badly, I couldn't even touch them when I was a healthy weight grrr, and I always get bad marks in my ballet exams for turnout because it looks like I'm not when I am because of my legs!!

5. Favorite foods at the moment?
Carrots and hummus , black olives and cupcakes! Love how there has to be cupcakes on there, especially hot chocolate ones!!

6. Foods you dislike?
Well um let's see apples, hate the taste and texture gross, can't eat them; pastry all pastry especially the ones with chocolate ewww, gluten free canned spaghetti, pancakes with berries IN them, they go soggy and ewww and lamb, I hate lamb the meat I just can not eat it and then there are things like turkey and duck which are things I have not eaten before as its not common in NZ and don't think I would be able to put it my mouth.
Just remember these things are just generally what I don't like, hey for all I know you might love pastry and why not? There is nothing wrong with any of these foods, just because I don't like or eat them doesn't mean you can't if YOU like it then for all means eat it!!Dont not eat things you like because I or anyone else doesn't like it, if you like it eat it!

7. Why do I always wear my cat necklace? (just thought I would add this in because I get asked about it alot especially at school by teachers and students and comments on it)
Well long story short I use to have a cat called Rebecca, she meant the world to me and was my favorite thing in the whole world and I loved and still love her very very much, I got her for my fifth birthday and had her for nine years, at the end of 2012 she started to be sick often and couldn't eat anything and therefore was losing heaps of weight and was pretty much starving to death. We took her to the vet twice and both the two different vets couldnt find anything wrong with her and offered to do a scan to see if her stomach was alright but said it probably wasn't worth it as she probably just has a sensitive somach so we got her special food but it didn't make a difference so and she got worse so about two months later we took her in for a scan and it turned out she had a tumour in her stomach caused by cancer and had grown to big to be treated so we had to put her down and now I wear her cat collar tag around my neck and I don't ever take it off except for ballet as I be yelled at and threatened to be kicked out the the studio if I don't. But the thing that gets me very time is that they had said if we had caught the tumour and did the scan when we first bought her in they could of removed it but it was mine and my parents choice not to do the scan as they said it wasn't worth it so it was my fault she isn't alive now. And I want to kill myself for that. I know in my heart it wasn't my fault but the guilt eats away at me every day. :(

Sorry guys I have now made myself really upset now again I should of nowen I would s I will answer the rest in the morning, and now I will probably cry myself to sleep. :( I feel like crap all over again, I'm sorry Becca!!!
Anyway sorry and you should have the best night ever for me, okay? Love you! Have a good night!! Xoxo

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