Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Well so my visit to my GP went okay... I managed to weight .6 kg from my minim goal weight, so I am happy with that!! :) smiles!! And for my cramps I got given a new pill so I only get my period four times a year, yay!! And I have an infection throat... Great :( ahhhh it hurts soo bad!! And I have a headache and feel all dizzy, and I still feel like being sick everytime I put food in my mouth... Hmmm is t my throat or my anorexic mind doing this...I hope my throat! I want to be healthy!! :)
I am really worried about going out tomorrow with my friends, I was already nervous about going out and now that my throat is dead and I feel sick I am getting all anxious about already even though I shouldn't, I should be able to control my GAD by now but it is still really hard. And it will always be hard. So I am kinda freaken out right now!! Bt I am sure I'll be fine...  I hope...

I hope you had a amazing day!!
Lots of love!! Xoxo :)

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