Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Ugh my mum is still on the computer!! And she said she would be on it until at least 5 so after that I can finally post pics again as I feel my blog is rather boring without them and I can finally do my French assement that does go on my report which is dur tomorrow and my mum knows that its due tomorrow so she better let me on the computer as I can't do it on my iPad !

Anyway I can just do my maths English and textiles homework in the mean time. Why does it always seem to be that all my teachers give us homework and assements at the same time!! It's like they secretly plan it together when they all will give us homework. As I have French,maths, English, textiles, art (because I missed two lessons while in Melbourne) and my French and social studies assements and a test in PE all due on Monday!! Sigh...

I think I am going to make my friends birthday cards now as I need a break from school just for a little bit! I still haven't got them anything, I have these jars of skittles in like a rainbow I made and one window chalk pen each and I need one more thing!! Any ideas!! Please comment, be brave!!

Otherwise a pretty good day, how was yours?! I hope it was fantastically awesome :) have a nice afternoon :) xoxo

Pictures later!!

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