Saturday, 30 August 2014

Home at last :)

Yay back at home again after the party. I loved the party but I am always so tired afterward and well it's 10:30pm!! Sophie didn't end up coming which is sad but I will give her her present at school on Monday. When everyone arrived we played the chocolate game where you have to roll the dice and when you get a six you have to pit on a scarf, hat, gloves and a mask and cut up the chocolate with a knife and fork and eat as much as you can until the next person rolls a six. Lucky I only rolled a six once and only got,one piece! I was fine about eating the chocolate but felt really dizzy and sick so I suppose that was my body saying don't eat the chocolate! Which is wrong and unhappy that my body still does that! Next we did apple bobbing, well mini chocolate bar bobbing which was interesting and very hard and the water was freezing! We watched the internship after then had tea which was pizza (only had one slice...), hamburger sliders (really tiny hamburgers had 1), garlic bread (had two small bits, would of only had one if I had relised how much butter had been put on them!), these mini hotdog thing with cheese and wrapped in pastry (still hate pastry it is soo gross even the French pastrys and crosants and chocolate ones, I use to like them not I can't stand them, even if I see someone else eating them it just makes me cringe. But that doesn't mean because I don't like them you can't eat them if you like them go for it!!) and mini baked chicken nuggets! All was very nice but now I think of it I probably didn't eat enough for a whole meal... I definitely ate the least there, which I am going to change! How did you go with your 'scary' foods? Well I hope! :) we then watched confishens of a shopaholic which was good and ate cake and lollies. Nne of which was gluten free and my stomach is already beginning to cramp :( it will be worse in the morning, not looking forward to it, regret eating it now, but I couldn't not eat dinner, that would just start me off in my old bad habits again! And I don't want to lose anymore weight!
And that was it with lots of laughing and talking! It was fun but to be honest I am really glad to be back at home in my bed curled up with my cat and fifty something teddybears! Don't ask I know it's babyish but it helps with my anxiety. And anything to help it go away and lessen it is worth it!! And I love them, had them all since I was born! Haha now sounding like I am five! Oh well...

Have a good night, sleep well and get ready for a nice freash start tomorrow!! Xoxo :)

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