Thursday, 14 August 2014


Yay Friday, weekend!!! Horay!! Done all my homework, I can now do anything I want for two days!! Mwahaha! :) tomorrow I plan to walk down to the dairy (conveyance store) and stock up on lollies! Haven't got any in a long time so it is time to make a stash, I know it will take some effort to buy and eat them but they will last longer that way and I have made a mental disison that I will NOT come out with a bag of fruit! My goal! Haha sounds weird... Tonight I think we are having pasta and bacon yum! And I need to put on weight so I will eat it, I will!! It will be hard but I will all of it!!!

I did my speaking test today as well, yeah the one I was freaking out about and had to write and learn off by heart in French at 8 at night because my partner blew me off thanks, way to put stress on me! Well anyway I went up in my pink socks hat gloves and scarf and spoke and all went fine and I got excellence on it as well!! Yay!!

Have a nice weekend :) you can do it xoxo

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