Friday, 22 August 2014

Melbourne day two

Well today was a fun day, I really enjoyed it. After the aquarium we came back to the hotel and just relaxed while my brother had his mid-day sleep we then caught the train into Melbourne central and went to the Nike outlet were I bought the new pair of running shoes that I really wanted, they are grey with pink soles and laces :) and also while we were at the mall I bought these little ball lights to hang in my room when I get back and they are really pretty, make my room more cheerful and they were $15 off too, so happy happy me!

Caught the train back and then went swimming on the ninth floor of our hotel, well I just sat in the spa as the pool was freezing and I still feel exhausted so exercise is like the last thing I want to do, that was fun

For tea we went down to the restaurant and I had fish and rice with bok-choy (green asian left vege) and a lemonade yumm :) after Dad came back from his meetings and we went down to the bar with him and his colleagues and my brother R and I got desert which was this fancy carrot layer jelly thing, really nice :) went back up to the room and now I am baby sitting both my brothers as my parents are going out to tea with dads work.

This afternoon some of my dads colleagues saw lady gaga coming out of the hotel and pushed there way through screaming fans and got a couple of good pics,haha. she has been out since 4 and she doesn't have a concert tonight so she is dew back any minute and we can see the swarm of teens outside singing her songs now, haha, I kinda feel sorry for her though...

I didn't really have a lunch again, I tried but we didn't have anything so I had some strawberries and when we went out at 3 I got some prawn dumplings yum :) not very good of me. I hope you were all a lot better than me with food today an everything Is okay, I am sure it is or will get better very soon as you are all very strong and know that you CAN fight the voice in your head and it will be okay :) xoxo have a fantasic night everyone, Smile, xoxo :)

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