Monday, 18 August 2014


Ballet went really well, it always makes me happy so now I'm in a really good mood, too bad I have to go to bed now :( oh well hopes up I wake up this happy in the morning!! Also I found these really nice snacks they are called corn crunch, they are just roasted corn kernels but really good! Yum eating them now, in bed I know... They taste like healthy crunchy popcorn! Kind of disappointed as I tweaked something in my ankle in PE last period, we were doing Zumba haha!! And dancing on it has made it worse and it has spread up to my knee :( I presume I just twisted it or landed on it weird and because I wasn't walking/dancing on it normally it out of lined my knee as well, I tend to do that a lot as my arches in my feet collapse easily so I know what it feels like... It just aches now not too bad so hopefully it will be gone in the morning !

Good night all xoxo ...or morning depending on where you live, good night here anyway :)

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