Monday, 18 August 2014

How to cope with a buffet

Seeings I will probably be eating a buffet in Australia might as well write a guide to handle one! So here it goes:

1) start with a small salad, just something light or if it's breakfast some fruit or yogurt. Eating something small and light will not fill you up and make your stomach ready to eat something more substantial

2) go around and get samples of everything and anything that sounds or looks nice or Ben something you haven't tried before! This way if you don't like something or it is just too hard to swallow and keep down (that's okay you are still recovering there will be a time when food isn't scary and you can eat everything without counting calories it's okay if it's not right now, you will soon) you don't have to eat the tonnes of it you put on your plate. Hey and don't worry about how much fat or calories are in something it's only one meal, it isnt going to make a difference if you overeat one meal, just like a binge it honestly doesn't change your weight if you overate all the time every meal yes then it would but one meal isnt going to do anything :)

3) go back and get everything that you liked and want more of. It's okay if you don't mow what was in it, treat it like who cares !?! Know one else does!! And it will make you feel better eating new things just like overcoming your fear or doing something scary, you feel great after! And maybe really full..

4) desert!! Go for it! It's hard but you can do it!! Eat all the sweet things you can handle!! Yummm
You won't suddenly put on ten kg! It probably won't make a difference at all and part of recovery is putting on weight, so if you do it is a good thing anyway :)

Go for it and face your fear foods you can do it!!?

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