Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The last of the photos :)

I think these are the best photos and there is loads of food in these ones (just a warning)

Lunch on the tram..chicken on spinach with what I think was gravy but didn't really touch it, the piece of chicken was huge!! I couldn't finish it.
 Starter on the tram Gluten free bread
 I think this must be the best lemon lime and bitters ever!! it is soo good, and no the wine isn't mine!!
 Tram lunch, ignore the guy out the window I have NO idea who he is I just wanted a pic of the tram!
 Me about to go swimming in the amaze pool (photo in post before)

 Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, one of our dinners

 My new gym shoes I bought, they were so cheap and so cool! pink!

 The dress I wore going to Les Mis (my first show and it was so good!)

 The hotel lobby
 The car ralley, car 14
 My poor hair after the car rallry it was so windy and my hair ended up very tangled and I think my fringe turned into a side fringe for about two days after!!
 And creme caramel, my desert one night!
And thats all hope you enjoyed!! xoxo
One reason to begin to recover you can go on holidays!!

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