Friday, 29 August 2014


Climbing was soo funn!! I hadn't been to clip 'n' climb since I was little so that was really cool and they had replaced some of the walls as some got damaged in the earthquake so there are nice new ones too! Haha I was so nervous before hand, you should of seen me! Sometimes I don't even know why I go into anxiety panic mode, it just happens, why I was anxious maybe being somewhere kind of new with only my friends? Or being without my parents? I don't know?! But ya I get use to it, I can tell you now I will be like this tomorrow before my friends party!! We had a awesome time with loads of laughing and of course climbing, it was a good workout as well, my arms and legs are aching right now, ugh I'm not going to be able to get up in the morning, too sore...
Anyway I am in bed now as it is an hour past my bed time (wow I can't believe my parents let me,that's a first!) and my mum is still on the computer, her marking must almost be over (students at uni are finishing exams so heaps of marking!) and then I can use the computer again! Yay! So pictures will be tomorrow.

For now time for sleep with my blister covered hands,ouch...
Good night! Xoxo :)

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