Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Just another start of a boring day, just normal old school with all the anxiety I get with going... Oh well.. We have health first up with the awesome topic of sexutallity! :( its always so awkward :( haha but that's okay. Otherwise a normal day. I have textiles today as well yay we started embrodery haha great... Can we not just finish our shorts!!! Our teacher is really popular at the moment! Anyway it's her choice and she is currently ordering cotton for us from Auckland ?!! Why can't you just buy the same stuff in lincraft or spotlight that sell the exact same thread and they are in my city!! And it would be cheaper because you wouldn't need shipping and courier! Oh well... Her choice ...

I got asked if I could write what I have in my school lunch so here it goes:
Two mandarins
A tomato
Chocolate and caramel cupcake
Roasted corn kenels
A gingernut
Two sticks of celery
And either some crackers, crisp bread or pasta/rice etc.
Two fortisip, supplement things

So I don't eat enough I know I am working on it, please don't look at what I eat and think its okay to eat the same as me as I don't eat enough protein and carbs and therefore don't get enough calories either. So it is not okay to eat what I eat, I find fruit really easy to eat and swallow and things like bread or rice just really dry and horrilbe eww they are gross... So I have fortisips to make sure I get enough into me, I have two at school and two at home and that is not all I eat so please just eat what is on your meal plan and what you love/craving !

Anyway that's what my lunch and morning tea look like and now I'm late for the bus again so BYYEE!! Eat well! :)

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