Friday, 29 August 2014

Climbing photos :)

Hey late post I know sorry I was working on my social studies assement due mon and it's all down! Yay! And I don't have access to the computer (again I know!) so photos will be under the links below but when I can I will update so they aren't links :)

Me at top of rope climb, I think I can get to the top of all of them they are so easy and not very high!

In the cubbyhole at the top again not very hard...

Some of the walls they are all soo cool!

More of the walls

 my outfit...

 Blisters :( they are hard to see in the pic though
 my outfit again :)

 Sorry they are quite blurry, it's just the way I have to put them on links, when I update they won't be so fuzzy, I will have some more soon when my friend emails me the rest of them :) so yeah :) hope you enjoyed them!
And happy weekend! Have a good one!

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