Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The girl who fainted..

Today after school as I was walking out to the front gate I passed a girl well about 10m away who was just lying face down on the ground, not moving, I didn't know what to do. A year twelve ran up and turned her over and her lips were blue, eyes rolled back into her head and wasn't breathing. I honestly thought she was dead! A teacher who also just happened to of worked in a ambulance and turned to teaching when he retired ran over and helped and they got her awake again. I also noticed she had self harm scars up her arms, she told the teacher she scraped them on a tree, he believed her but I knew better, I have cut myself before so I know what they look like. Later we found out it was because she hadn't eaten for the whole day, I think it was a lot longer than a day though... She said she didn't eat because she was late in the morning and didn't have time (this is NOT an excuse, you will always have time to eat always!!) and she forgot her lunch. I didn't believe this, I knew she was starving herself. I could tell, I know how she feels, she got away with this one, but the chances if this happened to you, you wouldn't get away with it. She now get teased for fainting and starving herself. You don't want this. You don't want to be the girl with anorexia. You don't want to be called skeleton. You don't want to have an eating disorder. It is unhealthy. Yes I am still recovering and it is hard. It will always be hard, but that's okay. It will get better. Just please don't stop eating. Please!! It's not worth it, it's really not. Next time you think about missing a meal or not eating think of the girl that was almost left to die in the middle of the school quad. Do you really want to be her?
It's hard but will get better, little steps at a time. And tell someone, get help. It may feel like no one cares, but hey I do. I wanted to go help that girl, to talk with her, tell her it's okay. But I couldn't, she got taken away and I don't know her name so I have know idea who she was. But there will always be someone there who wants to help. Like me. I want to help, you can always email me! I won't judge you, I promise :)

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