Saturday, 30 August 2014

Good Morning :)

Morning all hope you had a nice sleep :) new day new start, forget everything bad that happened yesterday, remember the good things :)
Nothing very exciting happening today... I had two pieces of toast, a coffee (decaf of course!) and a banana :) yum
Later we are going out to this new cafe that just opened (there are always new things opening or reopening after the earthquake!!) as my Mum thinks it looks really good. Then probably going out to rebel sport (sport shop) for my brothers soccer boots and maybe I can finally get some knee pads for volleyball as the season is starting next term again, YAY love volleyball so fun!! We have been looking for knee pads for about a year now and no where has them or if they do we found one pair but they were 60 dollars which is waaayyy to expensive! My knees are always grazed in volleyball season, I don't mind it, well it hurts when you dive on grazed knees... but my parents think it looks terrible like I am always in fights as my arms are usually bruised as well!!! haha....
I am going to do some baking this afternoon, banana choc chip cupcakes I think, as I found this pic now I am craving them...
And our Mums friends and daughters are coming over tomorrow for afternoon tea and we have to have something, I want to put lemon icing on them but Jenna one of her daughters hates lemon as well as a lot of things, she is so fussy and will throw a fit if I do so I might just leave icing off one for her, but then she will probably cry as she is the only one without icing... Cant please her!!

I cant wait until tennis season starts again!!! Yay, can you tell I am a summer sport girl!! I really want to go down to the courts later on but I am having trouble persuading someone to come with me, I cant play by myself!!

So it sounds like a good day today, hope I haven't just jinxed myself!! Haha.Hope you have a great day too!! :)

Oh and I have updated the last 5 or so posts (the ones with links) and added more pics as well if you want to go back and see them, yay more pics!!

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