Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Sorry guys not a good post day :/ well mum is on the computer still!! I swear she hasn't left it at all except about 10 to go to sleep!! And I am already asleep by then! Will do as soon as I can!! Promise!

In English we started doing myths and ledgins so that will be fun, we are in groups of four I have my two friends M and J and this one boy who I kinda feel sorry for as he and J hate each other they literally cannot sit next to each other! Haha oh well lots of auguring tomorrow! Tomorrow we find which myths we are studying we are hoping for Greek roman or Egyptian they are the best ones but only three out of seven groups will get those so fingers crossed it is us :)

In textils I actually ,don't mind our teacher at the moment, no we still aren't doing or shorts ... :( but we are going to start screen printing so that will be really cool as you dont usually get to do screen prints until yr 13 which is three years away and I won't be doing textiles in yr 13 or next year :( my last year :( because I don't plan to have a career connected to textiles and you can only get 8 credits from the whole full year course when you get 36 from history which I am taking instead. My textiles teacher really wants me to do it though she marked my book and wrote in it this is great really good (yay!!!) do textiles next year! Haha...nope. And then when she saw my designs form printing she said they were great and they would get my top Marks next year as well as this year (again yay!) and I would do really well in the course and I should move to textiles !! Again haha..nope!! She will have t teach it without me in her class. Ever since she saw my book, which got top of class! She is treating me as her little pet and adores me, it very creepy!! Oh well at least I'm in her good books again!!

Otherwise nothing really exciting has happens just normal school and ballet :)

Have a good night xoxo!!

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