Monday, 25 August 2014

Back to normal...

Yay back home again! We had tea at our grans which was roast chicken with veges then a apple and pear crumble for dessert! Yum! I am also happy to say that I have only put on .5kg over these five days yay! Tomorrow I am back to school.. Starting to freak out already... Bad thing I know but I do have an anxiety disorder so I suppose I should of seen all the nausea and nerves coming... I hate it so much and it is so hard to overcome! Its like I recover then fall back into GADs hands again and again. It is hard to over come it, it's a constant struggle. And I hate it I wish I never had anxiety ever! Can't I be normal??! Please for once!?!
If only.

And tomorrow I will have lots of school work to catch up on sigh.. I hate being behind, but I think I am getting use to it now. I miss school when my anxiety gets the better of me or when I feel so depressed I can't do anything or constantrate so there is no point or because I am sick. I get sick soo often it is not funny, I know it is because of my ED I don't eat enough therefore my immune system is very weak along with the rest if me, it's like I have a never ending cold, mixed in with kidney infections etc. along the way.

But tomorrow I will post all my pictures and update my Melbourne posts and add pics to them as well, so something to look forward to, I hope... Let me know :)

Love you guys so much, I feel I get so much support just by so many people reading my blog, thanks :) and I hope you are doing well and recovering super amazingly! ;) I believe in you!! ;D

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