Sunday, 24 August 2014

Melbourne day 3

Haha I know I am writing this on day four but I literally wasn't at the hotl at all yesterday. We started by going out to breakfast at th hotel, buffet, at 6am. We then got driven down to the rive where we went on a very very long 2 hour cruise, man did it feel longer though... The man talking was just sooooooo annoying R and I started counting how many times he said 'Ladies and gents' and we got 164 times and we only started about half way!! It was 'well ladies and gents'! 'ladies and gents next', etc etc etc.!!M Ahh soo frustrating!!

Next we hopped on a tram for lunch and was on that for 3 hours, but it went really quickly and the food was nice. I had salmon with avocado mousse as a entre then chicken with spinach and something fancy I didn't know and then tea with a cheese platter. Yum.

We then went back to our hotel and stood in the loby for about an hour waiting for lady gaga! Haha!! With dads colleagues of course so we talked with them, we didn't even know we were waiting for lady gaga at first we just thought we were talking!

Anyway we then rushed upstairs and got into our good clothes (my blue dress ith black tights and boots) and went down to a room behind the bar and watched the rugby, All blacks vs wallebys. Gues who won? All blacks!! Yay nz!! 43-16 !!! Not that I'm into rugby at all! I just sat and drank my lemon lime and bitters. I really didn't feel like drinking it but I knew if I didn't I would be forced to eat instead so ya, and I was super full from lunch that we only finished an hour before!

Later we went to, dun dun dun.... Les Miserables!!, omg amazing!!! Soo good! My first show too! I wasn't going to go as I got soo anxious that I had to leave to room where they were watching the rugby and go up to the room by myself to calm down, I don't even know what I was anxious about, maybe being around and sitting next to strangers in the theater, I don't know?! But I got to the point where I was no anxious that I was gagging and felt like throwing up, but I didn't, wanted to but didn't because otherwise my parents would think I was trying to get rid of food so yeah that wouldn't of gone down well... But the show was soooooo good really amazing so glad I went!!!

And I didn't get back to the hotel until 12 which is 2am NZ time!  And I just went strait to sleep, sorry. :) so ya. I hope you are all doing fantastically !! Stay strong!! :)

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