Wednesday, 13 August 2014


So no anxious post in the morning :) well partly because for some reason I was very calm! I don't know why but it was good :) as for PE I just put three plasters over my cuts and yeah know one asked! So that's all good, we spent our period skipping!! Brings back childhood memories :) I did my speech last, as she was pulling our names out of a container mine wasn't being picked so I calmed down I would just have to do it tomorrow no probs but one of the speeches was short so there was time to do one more and then she called out my name... Kinda freaked out but just got up acted like there was no problems and it was all fine I spoke for 3:50minutes which is 50 seconds over the minimum time so that was good, I was so nervous and shaking I could hear my voice shaking as well as my face going bright red... Haha can't help it, I can't wait to see what mark I got, hopefully a merit higher (excellence) I think is unlikely but lower I think it's a bit harsh but I really don't care what my mark is, I GOT UP AND SPOKE IN FRONT OF THIRTY PEOPLE!!!!!! Yayyyyy I couldn't be prouder of myself, ya I felt like bursting into tears and running out refusing to speak but I did it !! That is all that matters to me at the moment so happy!!!

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