Saturday, 30 August 2014


Well since my first post today I have done quite a lot. We went out for morning tea at this new cafe which was nice, they had these chia drinks that looked cool so I tryed one and it was so gross! It was filled with these seeds which I presume was the chia and they were so slimy and it was all lumpy, the actual chia was okay it was the flavouring they mixed into it! Anyway not having one of those again! And I also got this gf apricot caramel and chocolate slice which I shared with my mum which was very nice.
After we came back home for a while then we went to rebel sport and R got his soccer boots, they are bright pink! Really cool in my opinion not really R though he usually hates pink but seems to love his new boots so yeah, I don't know sometimes! He also got some more football socks and shin pads. I looked for my knee pads and they had the ones I wanted but they only had them in size L or XL or XXL and I really need a small!! They were way to big! My knees aren't that fat in fact I don't think anyone's could be that big plus stretching!!
After I went to watch my brother play futsul, they lost 11-2 but to be fair those kids or should I say adults shouldn't be in their grade! R is 12 and they were all 17,18,19! Really! They were so much taller than them as well! And me! They also had very bad attitudes! I over heard one of their conversations with our boys on the court and it went like 'stop being such a baby your not five! Calm down!' our boys weren't doing anything! 'um I'm not..' ' well don't be so mean to me!' and walks off!?! What, it doesn't even make sense!?! And they were just yelling at our boys for doing nothing honestly! And were practically squashing our boys! They just kept falling on them! Anyway they should move up!!
On our way home from futsul we stopped and had lunch at burger fuel and I had a chicken burger, yum! Next we went to the supermarket and got heaps of snacks for our lunches I actually can't wai for lunch tomorrow, I know a first! Yay I can have carrots, celery with hummus, a sandwich with ham cheese and tomato, puffed potato stick, rice wheel, oat bars, jelly pots, oranges, pears, oh andmy cupcakes and more!! Yay!! Can't wait!
Hopefully Sophie will be at school tomorrow and is feeling better! I will take her present tomorrow too. I think I will walk with my friend to school tomorrow, well if she remembers to set her alarm!!
R is going to a Japanese food sushi place for tea tonight for his club soccer breakup, he still has city reps to go to though and trainingI so soccer is till not over yet!
I had this really nice, umm can't remember what it is called but it is thin meat with cheese inside covered in bread crumbs, you no what I mean hopefully... Which my dad made for us which was nice :)
Well this post had turned out a lot longer than I expected, well done if you mad it this far!!
Have a good night and good luck for school tomorrow (well for some, another reason to motivate you to recover, I still get really bad anxiety going to school each morning but it does get better!!)
Love you guys good night and good luck, you can do it!! Xoxo :)

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