Thursday, 30 October 2014

Volleyball news!!

Yay next weekend I will be going to Canterbury champs with my team!! Its only for Fri, sat and sunday so I will miss a day of school, but thats okay ;) and its in chch so we wont have to travel. I am nervous because the teacher running it is choosing three people from our team to travel down to Invercargal with the A team!! So it is important!! We got our uniforms today too, dont they look great!??

 Haha they are way too big for me because I am so short!! (160cm) And because volleyballers are meant to be tall it is like a dress on me!! I have to pull down my spandex really low so it looks like I am even wearing them!! Haha and it was the smallest too!! haha!!
Anyway they are so so so much better than the yr 10s last year!! theres were like ^this^ one but green and white strips and had a very ugly collar on them!! haha!! And these ones are brand new and we are the first to wear them Yay!! SO excited!!! My second ever tournament!! only a week to go!!! :) :) :) 

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