Sunday, 12 October 2014

Right biiiggg update!

Haha how do I start??
Well today was a tough day. Anxiety just kept flowing through me all day at school, bt like always it is wasn't as bad as  I thought it was going to be, and my anxiety is always worse before I actually get to school but when I do get there it slowly drops off again (on,y to come back at the start of each period again...) but I think tommorow will be a lot better just getting into the routine of school again. Haha I re-read the post I wrote this morning just now and I can't believe that's how anxious I get before school!! I mean really?! But oh well it is getting better.... I mean I'm not throwing up before school any more like I did pretty much every day in term 1 and 2 so I am improving!!

Right blenheim, well nothing overly exciting happened... I was super nervous on the flight over (even though it was only 35min!) because we had to fly along the moutain range up to Blenheim so there was heaps of turbulence all the way and the plane kept dropping and being pushed sideways so that freaked me out heaps! And then a nice long car ride from Nelson airport to Blenheim. We arrived just in time for Rs first game which they won about 6-1 and there next game they won again 12-0  and then we went out to these club rooms and had the buffet there which was just pork roast and veges and I think the best pork roast I had ever had!! And that's all for day one. Day two R played the hardest team in his pool, Nelson royal, who came second overall last year only because they lost on a penalty shoot out and the goaly missed the very last ball, and they lost that 6-1 but it was good because it was the only goal scored against that team in two tournaments so well done them so they came second in their pool so they would play for places 5-8, I am not going to go into details because this is pretty long and boring already, they won the next game then lost to the other Canterbury team in the next game 1-0 and it would of sucked because they scored in the last 30sec so they didn't really have time to get it back, so they came 6th over all!! And surprisingly Nelson came 4th after losing their last two games!! Which was a shock because everyone thought they were going to win before we even got to the tournament !! But it turned out Rs team scoring the first goal against them in ages made them lose their confidence and lost the next two games!!
Food wise I had a pork roast every night!! Haha because they were sooo good and it was the only gf thing we could find!! But that's okay they were good roasts!!

And school today was pretty average, fine apart from anxiety hovering above me all day nothing really exciting happened. Oh I got that math test back, the one I seriously got 1 out of 36 on, and it wasn't as bad as I thought... I didn't get 1, I got 10!!! At first I thought he had just written it wrong!, ;) but nope!! Super happy about that and it wasn't even close to the lowest in the class! Well it was but lots of people were below me on 7,8,9s so it was okay :)

And we had our first volleyball game today too, well were meant too kinda we had a bye today so the season has started but our actual first game will be next Monday! Exciting!! :)   We still don't know when our trainings are, if any so I am a little annoyed about that because the A team is always treated so much better than us and had trainings all through the holidays and knew when theirs are, and then we get told off for not improving when we don't have trainings or a coach that shows up at games! It's so weird playing other schools when they have teachers and coaches and parents coming and transport while the B team (me) usually have to bus as we don't get any notice on when the games are so we can't tell parents until its too late and we usually have no one else there except the team!! Haha the other team always has at least 15 supporters and we have none! But that's how it works I guess we aren't the top team so we don't deserve to have trainings or find out the game times until 30min before they start. Oh well, I can't change it...

And this is now a really long post, sorry!! :) I don't expect you to read it all!! Haha and most of it doesn't make any sense at all!! I will promise to try better next time! :)

How have you all been?? Good I hope!!
Stay string, love ya :)

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