Saturday, 4 October 2014

My carrot cake!

^ This is my finished carrot cake ^
Sadly I couldn't get a picture before my mum took a slice if it!! :) but apparently it tastes nice!! :) so that's a good start I guess!

Sorry for the lack of posts today, I only got up an hour ago ;) at 11am because I slept in, I honestly didn't relise the time!! Haha oh well!!

What have I done toady? Not much... I iced my carrot cake!! And made sausages for lunch, after my very late breakfast.. And I spent ages trying to get a photo uploaded to my blog on my iPad which I previously haven't been able to do,  and somehow I did! :)  so hopefully I will be able to have photos more often!! Yay, but I can barely remember what I did a lot of pressing random buttons on both my phone camera and iPad and I can only get one up at once and I can't move it from the top without it deleting all my typing so it's an work in progres...

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