Saturday, 4 October 2014

Quick update

A quick personal update of my day! Well as I didn't end up going to tennis today I managed to make a carrot cake!! Let's just say I hope it tastes okay!! Haha it was dripping with orange carrot juice and oil when I took it out of its tin!! And I didn't put nearly as much oil in as the recipe said to!! So I will ice that tomorrow and post some pics of it!!
Later on we went to test drive a new car as the rent on the old one we have for dads is almost up s his work gave us an emount of money and we can get any car we want with it!! I have nooo idea what car we test drove!? I am so very bad when it comes to cars! I don't even know what brand it was!! Haha all I knw is it is going t be a dark blue, unless my parents change their mind!!
After since we were in town we went into ballentynes (a big shopping brand thing..) and got afternoon tea, I had a orange and white chocolate fudge slice which was really good! And a hot chocolate! I also bought ten plus dollars worth of jelly bellys!! Haha they are the best jelly beans n the whole world and have over 100 flavours!! So good! And the will last me ages!!
Then Dad cooked steaks for dinner!! They were really nice but I felt so bad that I couldn't eat all that much but I did top it up with a fortisip so I had enough carbs in me.
I have to admit this because I feel guilty about it and it will eat me alive if I don't, I know it's not that big a deal but I am worried that I will fall back into old habits again, that I didn't eat lunch today at all. I knew I sound of eaten something or at least a fortisip but I didn't, I don't even know why, I was stupid. And it felt kind of good, bt it shouldn't!! It really shouldn't!! I feel terrible about it! Uuhh I hate myself for letting me do it! I had no excuse either. I felt fine at lunch,well better than the morning anyway. Uuhh I suppose I should just not let myself do it ever again! I just feel bad about it.
You should always eat every meal of the day. No excuses ever. Your body needs food. And you will have bad days, like me today when you will struggle but it does get better and recovery is possible, it is!! So stay strong!! And just eat! And do it!! It will all be worth it in the end!! Good luck :) you can do it!! Xoxox :)
Have a nice evening!!

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