Friday, 17 October 2014


Morning guys!! How has your day been so far?
Mine has been good! I got up early (when I say early I mean 8:30! Which is early for me on the weekends..) And i made myself a big breakfast of French toast!! With caramilzed banana and lots of maple syrup!! It was so very nice!! I will post sme picture but it will have to be later as my mum is working on the computer so I can't upload them to picasa, I found a way tout pics on with my iPad but I have to upload them to picasa on the computer first. Which is how I got that one (points to the left of the screen). Next it was to tennis which was fun as always, I now have to change my coaching day t Tuesday because I will have interclub tennis starting in two weeks as next week our first game is a public holiday. So I will have tennis two times a week, yay!!
For my afternoon snack I went to grab a cheese and crackers thing only to find the cheese was extra cheese flavour, which put me off as how can you have extra cheesy cheese?? So I read the  back of the packet only to find it didn't have any real cheese in it!! Haha so I don't think I will be having those again with its fake cheese!
After I made macaroons!! Just because my mum said that they wouldn't work and are too hard to make so of course I had to make them and prove her wrong!! And they did work! Well most of them... One tray of the shells all cracked as I hadn't rapped it enough (banging it to get rid of the air bubbles) so pretty much all of them worked except one tray which still taste like macaroons!
I am now just waking for my dad to come home with some more icing sugar on his way back frm swimming with B so I can make the filling! Haya! Haha I have been standing for more than two ours making them and now my feet hurt s much :P
I am also making tacos for tea so that will be fun,  have never made them before so hopefully they work out! But it is a pack thing so all I need to do is make the salsa and salad and cook the meat in the spice mix thing and heat the shells so it doesn't look very hard at all!! Yaya easy tea!
Uuhh the only other thing I can thin about is ballet tomorrow, I am so nervous and scared she is going to yell at me again, bt I just have to keep my mind off it...
Stay strong, you are perfect!! :) xoxoxo

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