Friday, 3 October 2014

How I got my ED, long story and my friend coming up to see me!!

Sorry I know this has been a very bad post day!! I can tell you why. My friend who moved down to timaru (smaller city about 5 hours drive away) last year came up for this week of the holidays to visit everyone and stay with her grandparents!!! It was sooo good to see her!! The last time I saw her was in February and it was only for ne afternoon because I had a undiagonsed kidney infection!! So I was really sick, intact that night I woke up and my temp was 42 degrees which is six degrees higher than it was meant to be I had such a bad headache and nausea and my sides where my kidneys are hurt so bad that my dad took me in to the after hours doctors at 2am!! Sorry dad!! (well sorry now you are going to get the full story!! Haha) I could barely breathe so they gave me morphine which hey turns out I am allergic to!! So from the time when they gave me morphine to when I woke up in the ambulance I couldn't remember anything except for my neck killing me nt being able to move my arms or legs couldn't hear anything except mumbling and all I could see were bright flashing colours everywhere, oh and throwing up three times!! Yay fun! Not... So I spent the night and half the day in a kids assement ward where they didnt know what was wrong but had got my temp down so they decided it was just a virus and sent me home... Haha I was too tall for the kids bed so my feet stuck off the end!! :) but as soon as I got home my temp went back up and soon I couldn't breathe again or move because of my kidney pain and headache so I got taken back into hospital where they did lots of tests and still didn't find anything but because I was soo sick they admitted me to the ward and two days later of me getting worse and worse they finally figured it out!! Kidney infection, yay!! After that I spent another week in hospital before getting sent home but I didn't go back to school for another week. And while I was in hospital I pretty much ate nothing... I couldn't and at that point I secretly was happy not to have to eat anything, while I was in hospital not being watched food wise I got down to what was my lowest weight which was 37kg (please don't compare yourself too me, anything around this weight is unhealthy and everyone is different )  and that's when the dietian came to talk to me and got kinda really angry at me as after I explained what I would normally eat to her I was told that I was eating the same emount of food as a seven year old! And I didn't even relise, I thought it was a healthy amount bt obviously not.. I got shown lots of graph things and for my age and height I was in the bottom 3% for weight... Oops... I was told I had to put on at least 13kg to be healthy, and the dietian said to me that I had one chance or I was going strait into the ED ward or if I wanted I she could diagnose me now and I could go there every week for help. I refused. Fr me gaining the first bit of weight was easy it was and still is after about 5kg my anxiety (from my gad ) got to me and I was scared, I didn't want to eat at all, I was force to eat soo much plus three fortisip every day, it was and is hard but I am getting there! Only .5 to go!! So that's kind of now my ED started off too I guess, along with other stuff as well, but I won't bore you today...

So anyway soo off topic now, my friend came over today and we had lots of fun! So good to see her!! The sad thing is the next time I will see her will be in the January holidays next year :(
And then we went out to the mall for tea as we normally do and I had a stirfry and noodles and a cupcake for desert (yes a hot chocolate one like always!!) and nw I am here!! :)
Uuhh soo annoying I have got to the point where my cold is almost over but I can't stop coughing... So I am nt going to get much sleep tonight either... Haha yay...

I hope every thing is well!! Lots of love!! Xoxo :) keep going :)

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