Saturday, 4 October 2014

I made cupcakes!!

Well, as my brother and our family are going up to Blenheim for his soccer tournament he told us today that he needed some home baking to take up with him, for everyone's lunches/snacks etc. And I got the job of making them!! Not that I mind of course!! I love baking!!!
The sad thing is I probably wont get any!! (except for the ones I sneak!!)

I think they look really good!! And I am happy with how they look too!! And they don't even have icing on them yet either!!!

And yes I did make 47!! But they are mini ones!!
 Sprinkle ones!! They look really cool when you bite into them, They have little coloured speckles in them!!

 Haha I don't think eating blue cupcakes is that appealing but they will be eaten by 11 and 12 year old boys!!

 Haha, I ran out of cupcake cases so i had to use baking paper!! Thankfully I only had to do it for five of them!!
 I love how the blue ones look!! ( not that I would eat something blue!! It kind of puts me off it!!)

So yeah, hopefully all the boys like them!! And I think I will keep some, they don't need 47 cupcakes do they??!

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