Friday, 17 October 2014

Mall dinner

Well we did go to the mall for tea which was nice and I had a small plate f noodles with Chinese chille beef on it, normally it is really good and not spicy but let's say today the chef didn't g easy on the chille!! It was soo hot!! But still tasted good!! My iced tea helped a lot with that!!
We then did some shopping, not for me shopping isn't really my thing, but R got some new futsul boots as his old ones are too small and he got into a new futsul team as his old one wanted a year off but he still wanted to play. So he has fancy new bright orange boots that arrived in the shops yesterday from Nike so he is very happy with himself! And my other brother B got his second pair of sandals and third of sneakers as little feet grow so fast!!
Mmm and as I was very stupid and cut myself on Wed (it seems to help at the ti,e but always is never worth it, please don't do it, stay strong!! But then again I am working on stopping it had been two months so it is improving)  so I have started a nice new trend of wearing about a million anklets on my ankle to cover them all up and I think it worked! My mum commented on the braclettes but didn't relised what was under it and she saw them close up so that's a good thing so I think I will be wearing heaps of them tomorrow for tennis as well... Hmm not too good for running in but oh well I'll cope.
I hope you had a nice dinner too, see you tomorrow!! :)

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