Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Update of my day so far

Well nothing really exciting that I am just dying to tell you, pretty average day normal old school... We had a guy come to talk to us about why people do drugs and alcohol from attitude nz and those talks are always so so weird... All of them the sexuality one was by far the worst so far because that was extremely awkward as well as plan weird...
I had my first beach volleyball game after school, and it was really fun!! Not with my normal partner though... Because my best friend and her 'new' best friend stuck together so I got left out again so I am with one of my other friends but we aren't that close... So my best friends partner and my partner decided they were not going to go today as they would prefer to watch tv.., so I got to play with my best friend!! Yay!! And because only 4 teams from our school turned up only 4 teams got put down so the girls that didn't come don't have a team so I have a feeling that it will be those three and I will have to move to another team, like always exclude me the quiet one because 'I don't care.. I am to quiet to care' why is it that I never ever seem to have any real friends?  Think I do but then they find someone 'better' than me and bye bye Livvy. :(
So that is one big mess. Bt otherwise it was s fun, the sand is really fn to drive on and it doesn't hurt like normal courts but t is hardt run in, and the nets are higher so once again I am way to short to touch the top :P on normal nets I can get my hand over the top of the net if I jump so I can spike but on these nets even if I jump I can't even touch the top ;) haha!!
Anyway off to ballet now!! :)

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